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WWE SmackDown live review (February 12, 2019): Kofi's Pride

Well, I sold. I want Kofi Kingston to become a World Championship and I would like yesterday.

Mustafa Ali was taken out of the Elimination SmackDown Games because of WWE's injuries and WWE was announced that a New Day member would be playing this Gauntlet game. When I read that news, I hoped it was Kingston and I promise that you did so well. How long did New Day talk about this? How long did they do their case and they swore to help Kingston become a Champion Champion WWE?

I was always the result … but there was a dream of pipe, do you know? I want a million dollars, too; That does not mean that I'm trying to get it.

… And then WWF Kofi Kingston was going out and spent his donkey for more than an hour. They were hitting the WWE Championship and MAKE TO DO OTHER ANYTHING. No words, man. I'm not talking. This is the sort of thing I was asking about WrestleMania. We finally got it.

Get out to everyone involved. The commercialism was awesome throughout the performance. They began by reflecting on Kingston's chances when they were shocked, potentially, and then a great resignation. On a career night, the Chamber threatened to significantly eliminate the ban.

As regards Kingston, he played his role to perfection. He gave us the high-flying things soon and he used his energy and counters to cause Daniel Bryan. He was going with Jeff Hardy's new legs while he was running in a hurry, and then he went about Samoa Joe to steal a win by preventing Coquina Clutch into a pin.

And then, completely exhausted and beaten out, Kofi Kingston sent away Ax Styles's worries and said to bring him to the offshore. And the devil was also close to Styles!

When they met, the rest of the New Day ̵

1; God greeted the ring and brought their friends out as if he were already a champion. Another is the pure, unincorporated support of the New day of each other. It is probably that we need more in our lives and just wanted to see Kingston as WWE Champion.

Randy Orton won, but he is in charge of him. I'm not expecting Kingston to go on Sunday, but I want to see it as a champ. Shortly.

The Usos are below

Are WWE better talented by bad blood than Usos?

These disputes make all the staff they meet. Remember the battles with New Day, with the Bar. They speak rubbish, they put up the face, and they are so compatible well .

We do not need soliloquies. Make your point and throw. On McMiz TV, we used Usos directly.

They rejected Shane McMahon's bid to sit, for beginners, and met the Tag Team Champions to spend themselves as "The Best Tag Team in the World". The Usos then gave them a task of being a tag team real . Are they really on this thing?

The Miz and McMahon did not accept "their team test" that was too serious, which put the Usos just more. They started playing mics and focusing on them leaving the games setting out in the right hand with superkicks to eliminate the segment.

I love how you can root on both sides here. The Usos argument is strong, but it is likely that it could be construed as disasters. Regarding the events, they are fun, but you can see this is a short-term discussion. Will they come together for a long life?

One of my biggest issues was Raw than he did anything to sell a Delete Room. Leave Usos to do the job correctly.

An Rest

Charlotte trolls everyone – There are some interesting character work going on with Charlotte these days. Becky Lynch has a full ownership of her in the last couple of months and, in response, she began to accept Lynch's success credit a few weeks ago. On this show, she asked Lynch stupid, in essence, to substitute herself for a suspension. And in keeping with her feelings, Charlotte made the most privileged people doing; She rejected Vince McMahon. Could ever exist could it be? It's better than all the other options.

Detestable Charlotte. It's amazing.

Naomi and Carmella def. Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, and the IIconics – SmackDown made the same story with Raw with his female tag teams: the loss of this tag would be through a triple threat into the first Removal Room. And despite the fact that he was not fighting, the IIconics was the story here. They did the smart thing by tagging in at all.

The total of this game is defective to start with, so why would you ever tag in the land? Instead, the IIconics were upset and they were happy before they got up with the two teams after an hour. It was really awesome, in fact.

Mustafa Ali with a wonderful promo, – Mustafa Ali is the way I remember I remember. It is as easy as it is with him and he is happy to have to leave this game. However, the reset has the ability to make the line down even worse.

Do not watch Raw, folks. See SmackDown.

Grade: A

Are you on the Kingston bandwagon with me, Cageside?

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