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Why Amazon feels buying Eero disappointed

Amazon definitely a love surprise. The original Echo came as a bolt out of the blue and even after the business was well established, the company in September last suited to many of the products and features of new Alexa deeply unexplained. The night was announced on the same that Amazon's intention is to get the Eero mesh drive than another surprise, but no one should be surprised from the place. That is how Amazon does things.

Amazon's reason for buying Eero is what you expect: "We have shared a vision that the smart home experience could be easier, and we are committed to continuing innovation on behalf of customers, "wrote SVP Dave Limp in the press release. Wi-Fi is famous in most of the houses and Wi-Fi means a brilliant performance for smart home gadgets. Amazon smart gadgets must work well.

Eero mesh network may have been built by a student in the future. It may be possible for Eeros to take into the future microphones. Eero may have a tendency for Eero to be as tough as he dies or may Amazon relocate as an independent unit, such as Ring. Eero Plus – including VPN and anti-malware and even a password manager subscribe – may be free bundled on the Amazon Prime subscription.

can be imagined – and in response to questions Email Amazon refused to reflect on (or, for the record, comment on the terms of the contract rather than noting that all Eero employees got an offer from Amazon). However, however, you can see many possibilities when applying huge Amazon resources to a small scrappy company such as Eero.

But this time, Amazon might be surprised. Eero was not thinking about any of those possibilities the first reaction of people who know and who loves them. Instead, the consequences were significant in their behavior, anxiety, and consumption.

Seanad . Specifically, an independent company was again one of the high-tech wholesale. We all feel accepted – or maybe acceptable – at the various ecosystems that live. We use all kinds of products every day made by behemoth companies, but more made by those companies . iPhone or Android, Chrome or Safari, Surface or Mac, Windows or Chrome OS, and even Facebook or Twitter: all, one way or another, which comes from one of the great guys.

Eero was different. It is a tiny company that made a big product. Something simple, elegant, and reliable. Would it be too much to ask for it to remain independent? Possibly, but we do not know Eero's financial situation. But it is harder to find the start of independent hardware that can scale up to something big without buying it.

Anxiety. Over data privacy, of course. You can not do more screen without thinking about someone using the things your eyes are looking at. Eero did not really play and Amazon does not. Therefore, it is assumed that Amazon can not find any other personal data store yet.

And he could completely be a treasurer. Soon to forward the PIN on your phone or password to your Snapchat account, your Wi-Fi router does not know much more than you know. He knows when you are at home and when you're away. The websites you visit (before the SSL starts, anyway) and how many movies are you running out.

Now, Eero does not collect that information. He specifically says so in an easy-to-read help page. (Since these policies are easy to read, it is another reason that we are sad that a company sees that Eero is increasingly likely to be much more lawyers). I asked Amazon to plan what data he could collect Eero routers, and the company tells me that he has no plan to change Eero's privacy policy.

But as we learned: plans change. And even if Amazon has taken a ironclad promise, this does not mean that there are no other broader ways for Amazon, to get rid of what Eero might have about you. Eero's applause shows Eero that he knows that he would do all my own models. There may be valuable information for a company that sells gadgets, is not it?

Does Amazon have this information available to represent the sale or production of things? Possibly, or probably not. Alexa in your home seems to be more than Amazon to collect all types of information about your habits, however. But in recent years, when management changes, will it be difficult for these new managers to remember why they have kept Eero's privacy policy and the service terms are communicated? You can not help but worry.

And so: Eradication It is thinking about how big companies are mentioned when it comes to our data. He is pleased to consider the difficulty of independent companies staying independent. Amazon relies Eero's purchase just after us over the past three years to realize how much this world-of-the-art giant has control over.

But if you want to reduce that control, what will you do? Buy Netgear Orbi? Sorry, Alexa is getting Alexa too.

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