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Visiting Facebook, Google, and Apple? Inside the Absurd New Rush of Silicon Valley Tourism

T Mani's family wanted a photo with the symbol “Like” too big that protects the ideal headquarters of Menlough Park, but they were not allowed to enter 1 Hacker Way. There are no tourists, unless they have an appointment with an employee.

The Toronto people liked themselves anyway, and later that day, Eva Mani changed her Facebook cover photo to an image of a smiling family of four at Google's solar offices.

In the parking lot, his two teenage sons argued about

Rahul Mani said, who likes coding and who wants to be an engineer, that he felt he was better on Facebook after he see offices.

His older brother Rohan disagreed: “All we did was find the sign and take pictures with him! How do you know you have a better Facebook? ”

There is a big technical tourism ̵

1; thousands of people come to Silicon Valley every year from all over the world. Instagram site tags show your Facebook, Google, and Apple hundreds of jobs in many languages. I spoke to people from Canada, Spain, Italy, Hong Kong, Colombia, Chile, Japan, the Philippines, Texas, and California on the high-tech campuses for this story.

So where do the tourists come from? Can you interact with Google more personally that you would have at google.com? The high-tech giants are creating seismic changes around the world, but they are not historic landmarks open to the public in the way a museum is. No matter how many times Apple calls on his “home squares” shops, these are private buildings that are full of people on computers. They do not offer tours.

Google and Apple, which operate visitor centers that are open to the public, are more tourist-friendly than YouTube offices, Netflix, Instagram, and Facebook, which only give their roadside logos to everyone. Only 15 miles south of YouTube of San Francisco is right, and if you keep driving since there are highway billboards capable of advertising webinar and iPhones software, you will see other Facebook and Instagram, then Google, then Yahoo!, Apple, Netflix, and, in the end, eBay, 56 miles complete from Bridge Bridge Bridge.

Added a YouTube engineer, who called anonymously without fear of professional rejection, summarized it: “It's very strange. I'm not sure what people get out of it. The interesting things that can be seen are behind closed doors, but even one office. ”

YouTube's tourism experience is very similar to Facebook. Visitors are not allowed to enter the offices without employee links, but can take a picture of the sign. A security guard at YouTube confirmed that the company is not offering tours: “Not much to see.”

But these are lifestyle brands and are technology companies, people have spent billions of times on their sites. Instagram employees Instagram itself in Instagram Headquarters, and YouTubers takes pictures with the same tow sign to perform jobs about meetings with company contacts. A picture by Silicon Valley company, whether you are there for work or not, gives preferential intellectual status and wealth. However, you seem to have control over internet architecture that we all use.

For some people, the visiting reasons do not leave many questions.

“Why do you go to Google? Because it is in my life. I use Google every day, so I'm curious to find out where the creations come from, ”said Milan resident Clement Poidatz standing in front of the Facebook sign.

He and a Spanish friend on Facebook were “just to say that we're here. It is once a lifetime that we will be here, so why? ”As fans of Netflix mafia drama Suburra he intended to visit the video-streaming company, joking that he was trying to take about the new season.

Even after the scandals evolved Facebook, this year and beyond, visitors are still pouring into. Kanako Yanai was from Tokyo to see Facebook as she looked at The Social Network three years ago.

For young tourists like Rahul, Silicon Valley also presents a vision for the future. Students came from a computer graphics class at Pittsburg High School, an hour north of Silicon Valley, to Google after visiting the Museum History Museum. Five girls sat in the Android sculpture garden, which had a population of the operating system logo and transferred to various desserts.

Carsston Carsheala, a senior person, said, “The museum told me that I was a real computer scientist, because I really knew what I was doing … You see computers from the beginning, and when You 're to the modern part, you like,' Oh this is what I do in class. ' ”

Dayahna Celestine, a senior man also said,“ There was a sign of Boolean's gesture, and we make Booleans in class. We are doing what we came to see. ”

They just left Google's visitor center, where tourists can t-shirts, polished aluminum, $ 37 Androids branded animal and some Google products like the Chromecast to buy or a nest thermostat. Completion of the site from office space to shop is not sufficiently complete; an artist painting a mural on a wall the day I came. Visitors can view their home town on a huge Google Earth exhibition.

Compared to the museum, the girls from the technology giant were disappointed.

“I was expecting to see Google phones and Chromebooks, but there was only Google water bottles. Then this park is without any slides or swings, ”said Celestine, by gestures with the Android icons.

To make matters worse, there was a de facto tour guide of students after they lodged them. (Google does not offer formal tours, so the guide would be an employee.)

But before I could ask them more, our interview was interrupted when one of their classmates was riding on Google Bike, painted a distinctive Google tunnel and was open to anyone to ride on the company's campus . The girls rode their own bikes and in circles in the nearby car park.

Toronto's other tourists had the same debate at the visitor center and Rahul and Rohan at Facebook. [19659002] “I don't think you could get to know the brand better here. Google is a search engine, selling things like phones and whatever, ”said George Springer, a teenager who came with his family.

He felt the same way about Facebook, which the family visited earlier in the day: “The other is a social media company; you don't have to go to the physical location to find anything about it. Anywhere you get access to it online, it's the same. “

Google seems to be tracking tourists' movements while shopping.

His mother Dora replied, “But this is a headquarters. This is where it all comes. That is why we are here.

George Peter's father insisted that ugly: “You don't see where it's done. It's not like we're talking about a car, where you can make a trip to the factory. This is another industrial area. Any city has an industrial manufacturing area … I prefer to drive up in the hills. You can see concrete and steel anywhere. ”

But Dora got the last word:“ Here we are on the other side of the country from Toronto. We engage in everything. Google is our whole life. Let us go down and see where all this stuff goes. Maybe there is only a wall, but another brick and mortar building, maybe there is more! We don't know. We have never been there! It is an adventure! ”

Google's physical spaces are more similar to his digital spaces than Peter Singer. The company makes data shaping companies of people as they do their online actions. The gift shop above visitors is made up of two LIDAR Velodyne sensors, the type used to guide self-driving cars. Google seems to be tracking tourists' movements while shopping. The company did not respond to a petition on what it does with that data.

Pittsburg high girls could not let their visit.

eBay, one of the oldest achievements in the Silicon Valley, appeared confused about what he wants to do with visitors. When I told a security guard I was a reporter and I asked him about tourists at eBay, he said that the cafe was open to the public and that vendors sometimes came. So did the odd tourist, he said, although none of them seemed there that day. He was upset when I asked his name for this story and he said I didn't know I was a reporter. I left the lobby.

On the patio of the coffee, the second security guard approached me and asked me to leave, saying that the company restricts access to eBay employees and people with appointments. Follow SUV with my siren lights, I leaned out of the parking lot, is taking her phone camera in my car.

eBay did not request a clarification of the lobbying policy.

The debates about seeing personal technology companies are clearly absent at Apple's visitor center, a soft bungalow with the roof visible at air columns .

On Sunday rain, Family around the glass-and-wood building in pods, buying devices, coffee, and $ -Park-Apple branded t-shirts. The shirts are made, as the iPhone, in China.

Apple calls its visitor center $ 108 million “architectural extension to our private campus.” It is open from November 2017 and smells as a museum gift shop. Employees explain that the gray stone stairwells and the corners of the aluminum roof go into the same curve with an edge for iPhone, a point of talk that goes on a trip to tourists' Instagram Post sometimes.

“I thought we could go into the ring. Since we are here, we hoped to see everything, but the iPad thing was cool, ”said Cindy Lam, a student from Boston University from Hong Kong.

She said she wanted to work in Apple because she saw the office. She bought a shirt t.

“I am an Apple user and I like their products, but now I like them more,” she said.

Mark Badella drove two and a half hours from Sacramento his son Leon 3 years of age could play at the visitor's center.

“[Leon] loves going to Apple stores. He always wants to go, ”said Mark. “He's familiar with the iPhone. Even a 3 year old can use the iPhone's age with flip gesture. Maybe he draws a link between that and real life. ”

The iPhone seems to have influenced how Leon interacts with the world. He wants each screen to answer his hand. As we spoke, he tried to flip a huge Apple exhibition for exhibitions.

It was not a touch screen.

Visitors are not allowed to actually enter the Apple park, designed by Norman Foster starchitect, so they are replaced: a model of the huge ring, observed through the iPad, is addressing life in an increased reality. Looking from the roof deck, the iconic ring is difficult behind a tree stand. In roughly professional landscaping has been carried out on 80 per cent of the office grounds. Blocking that bite in the waxes might have been an accident; b & # might not. While the company refused to comment, Apple hired a tree specialist for its new campus which met Steve Jobs himself, who had a poor responsibility by the Chief Executive.

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