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Try Magic Johnson and Elton Brand Get Stories Just About Ben Simmons's Issues

Photo: Meg Oliphant (Getty)

The Lakers issued a Monday afternoon statement clarifying the communication timeline between Magic Johnson and Ben Simmons, back in November, when Simmons reached Magic Tips about playing in the NBA as a humongous point guard they can not shoot. This is what I'm afraid we need to take care of now.

It seems that this version of the events, with Simmons coming out of Magic through the 76ers, is a version that gave 766 general manager Elton Brand, during a Monday morning radio appearance. Since the NBA investigates this sequence of reports on the implementation of signals, this discrepancy, of course, must also be resolved in public:

These behavioral things going hand. The series hit Marc Lasry for a fine of $ 25,000 to answer honestly to a question about the Bucks that was showing on a team list that Anthony Davis would have to wait for long-term. This is Lasry's ultra-controversial comment, which shows the series because:

"I saw that report, and I think it's great," said Marc Lasry, a co-owner of Bucks, with Sports News near Barclays Center court after breaking down its team into a reduced net club in Brooklyn. "We are a bit of what we want. We want players to come and play in Milwaukee. And it's a part, when you win and you are setting a standard of excellence, people look for. People want to win.

"It does not matter if you are in Milwaukee, New York or LA. The overall goal is to win. So, we hope it will be players like Anthony Davis and others who want to find Milwaukee. "

So we have two general managers that compete that frantically getting their stories just to protect the Lakers from an overflow charge that happens, none of them want to see, and a joint owner suffers a fine to report Identified by an inquisitive and clear quote. And this is two weeks after the NBA Anthony Davis met a $ 50,000 fine for self-reaction, because of his ability to tell his agent how much in each case three channels without any penalty. And it's more than two months after a dumb memorandum across the series warning teams until uhh, they do not let their players – all professionals and adults – speak each other is high.

On the one hand, it should be easy to avoid, many of the deficits it earns requires Magic every time it gives He goes his way into a big other challenging dispute. On the other hand – and this hand is far more and stronger and that is justice and justice – I'm sick as a sense of this nonsense! Anyone who is "protected" by the NBA's anti-reactive rules – small market owners and their general supervisory managers – must protect and exchange their information protection for the benefit of the players who do employment decisions. You will notice that other industries do not ban the recruitment of companies from among their competitors! However, as it is unbalanced for workers in a way that is completely insecure, it is for the Pacers that there are palm trees in Miami!

Therefore, instead of players and agents and general managers to be just open and honest about what teams are offering and players prefer to play, we have a split-up system where intentions and interests are leaked Out of one side of the mouth of a player and then reject the other, and general managers must keep accurate memories of whoever knows and what order, and no one can want to play with anyone else, and Ben Simmons can not ask Magic Johnson about basketball without presenting bad ethics crises. He is very happy, and it's a lot more than he costs. The NBA should only interfere. It would be better than this!

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