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Trump hails Kanye’s bid, but his pollster says it could be backfire

As it is clear that rapper Kanye West’s 2020 campaign is being bolstered with longtime GOP operators, figures close to Donald Trump’s campaign and even the president himself have been delighted with the potential of “Gossip” and spoil the election for Joe Biden.

But no champagne is being produced at Trumpworld. Some Trump advisers have privately acknowledged that there is little data to suggest that getting West with enough ballots would erase significant support from the alleged Democratic candidate 2020, and that doing so is taking advantage of a man suffering from mental health issues. And even the president’s own pollster is warning that the maneuver could be countered.

“[It] they could siphon off Trump blacks who don’t like Biden, ”John McLaughlin, a top voter for President Trump, told The Daily Beast Wednesday night.“ Blacks who don’t like Biden would vote for the president in a two-way race . Now they could consider Kanye. “

In recent weeks, the so-called West campaign has gained momentum in its effort to get the rap artist to go to the polls in several states, including those that could rock the election. The effort came as Trump’s re-election prospects appear to have reached its nadir amid the deadly pandemic, the shattered U.S. economy and widespread racial and civil unrest.

The calendar has speculated that the main goal of the West is to play spoiler on behalf of Trump.

And Trump, for his part, has done his best to dispel the theory.

“I think this is good [Kanye’s] the voice comes out there. I actually think it’s okay, ”Geraldo Rivera said in an interview with Fox News personality on Thursday.

In recent years, West had repeatedly pledged his support for Trump and the president’s son-in-law and top White House adviser Jared Kushner has maintained a close relationship with the music icon.

Trump has denied having anything to do with West “to get to the vote.”

; But Republican Party operatives across the country are clearly involved. According to a statement, a former executive of the American Conservative Union is linked to the efforts of the West campaign in Arkansas New York magazine report. A lawyer representing Trump 2020 handed over signatures to get the rapper on the Wisconsin ballot, while another Republican operator is working to secure West a Colorado spot.

At the heart of the attempt to boost Western supply is the belief that black voters, who are likely to vote for Biden, will be willing to support the Western candidacy because of its color and fame. It is a theory of the case that has attracted criticism from racist employers. It’s also one that not everyone buys.

Seven sources in the president’s political orbit (senior officials, GOP operatives, campaign advisers, and individuals close to Trump) had some mixed reactions when they privately discussed Kanye 2020 this week.

There were some who applauded out loud the dirty dirty trick connected with the GOP to drive West’s bizarre career, thinking that at least it’s worth a try, if Team Biden somehow hides in the critical states. Several said West should seek professional help and support from their loved ones, rather than undertaking a longfiring offer for the White House. Several people in the highest ranks of the president’s political operation said they were surprised by recent news about the Western campaign and insisted they were unaware of the involvement of senior Republicans or the president’s inner tact. .

“Of course, it’s a good idea,” said Stuart Jolly, who was national field director for the 2016 Trump team of Republicans working to get West to vote this year. “Margins were reduced in states like Wisconsin [which Trump won] in 2016. Who knows how small they will be this time? If you are [Republican operative] who wants the president to win, more power for them ”.

Jolly added, however, that he has not heard anyone who knows Trumpworld about them working on any Western effort.

In an interview with Forbes Published on Thursday, West would not say who led its 2020 strategy and access to ballots, although it did say it is “designing a school for next month” and that it is meeting with [Trump’s Education secretary] Betsy DeVos on the postcovide curriculum ”. The Devos family is one of the largest funders of causes and conservative candidates in the country.

West too, according to Forbes, was reluctant to criticize President Trump even though he was happy to blow up Biden. The local news outlet said he was “comfortable with the idea of ​​hurting the former White House president’s chances.”

“I don’t deny it; I just said that, ”West said.

In the corner of Internet support, the West’s quixotic candidacy has so far been fulfilled with freshness. While there was an initial outburst of excitement in early July, when West announced his plans to run, mememakers and pro-Trump personalities have largely ignored West West’s most recent victories.

U.S. Turning Point leader Charlie Kirk, a devout Trump ally and friend of West, has not tweeted about West’s offer this month. Conservative personality Candace Owens, whose friendship with West launched her to a new level of fame until she erroneously claimed that West had designed a logo for her “Blexit” movement, has also not publicly supported her. career.

As a pop culture event, Kanye 2020’s offering would seem like mature material for Trump’s online “memesmiths”. But so far they have remained silent. At TheDonald.win, where Trump fans of the subreddit “The_Donald” regrouped after Reddit was banned from this forum, posts about West receive few votes and rarely go to the home page. On the social media network Parler, a popular Twitter alternative among Trump supporters who have been banned on top social media platforms, hashtags about West’s candidacy have only garnered just a few hundred mentions.

One of the few exceptions to MAGAland’s warm reception from West Online has been Ali Alexander, a pro-Trump internet personality who has long promoted the political potential of the West. Alexander, who briefly enjoyed some notoriety during the Democratic primary after accusing Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) of not being a “black American,” has accused Democrats of racism for opposing the attack. a West.

“Kanye West offers people a choice,” Alexander tweeted Wednesday. “You don’t have our votes.”

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