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Trump again punts on white supremacy after New Zealand attacks

His response to the people in New Zealand, where 49 people died in an attack on two mosques, posing new questions about his attitude towards Islam after a long history of anti-Muslim – and about what the President has a responsibility to consider his language because of the increase in white white movements around the world.

On Twitter and in statements in the Oval Office, Trump was clear about the critics who criticized. However, it did not provide a message of empathy and support to American Muslims, who may be frightened as security grows at US mosques.

"I spoke to Prime Minister Ardern from New Zealand to regret our entire nation to point out the terrorist attacks at two mosque," Trump said in the Oval Office on Friday afternoon after the attack was criticized originally as a "terrible mass in the Mosques" on Twitter.

"These places of worship of worship were turned into evil killing scenes," said the President. "We all saw what happened. It's a terrible, terrible thing."

But he asked whether there was a worrying rise in white sovereign movements around the world, Trump said he did not, who blamed a small group of people "with very serious problems." He also told reporters he did not see the proclamation attached to a social media account believed to belong to one of the attackers, who Trump named by name and saw him as a symbol of a renewed white identity.

During the President He did not reach Muslims around the world, his daughter offered the kind of language expected from a more common commander. We wish the families of all victims and hate together, “Ivanka Trump tweeted on Friday morning.

The White House spokesman, Sarah Sanders, asked that Christ was a "true attack of hatred," although she did not specifically mention that

the failure of Trump was to do more to that Muslim people are the people who died in Christ, double quality, since it was much clearer in ascribi

Last year, after an attack on a Jewish temple in Pittsburgh, Trump spoke about the "anti movement" -Sermonic "in the attack, which provoked debate about whether inflammatory rhetoric [19659011
When 28 Coptic Christians died in suicide bombings in Egypt in May 2017, the President kissed the" mercury killing Christians "and warned t that "the blood of Christians must end."
As a candidate, Trump asked for "complete shutdown of Muslims" entering the United States, and as President, he eventually succeeded in using executive power to travel citizens of seven nations. to the United States, five of them mainly

Trump often joined quickly when Muslim extremists were attacking and not the victims of Muslims, or to use such attacks to send his political arguments to ones.

"Hillary's incompetent, despite the horror has been attacked in Brussels today, trying to have weak and open boundaries and allow the Muslims into. There is no way!" Trump, for example, was printed in March 2016

And when he was in office, Exciting Democrats were dishonest about encouraging Muslim extremists who carried out eaves attacks

"These are Islamic radical terrorists, and will not even mention the word, and the President will not Obama, "Trump said at a presidential debate, referring to Hillary Clinton. "Now to solve a problem, you have to be able to state the problem, or at least say the name."

Equality of white nationalism

Trump is often accused of using rhetoric which includes extremists and eliminates its goals. He used a vulgar language to criticize NFL stars who adopted a knee during the National Anthem. Announcing his campaign, he said Mexico was launching "rapists" over the border into the United States. On Friday, at the same incident in which he spent the attack in New Zealand, he warned undocumented immigrants who came across the southern border.

And Friday did not want Trump to minimize the threat of white nationalism

A multi-day controversy arose in 2017 whether white rhetoric is being presented by the President's rhetoric, when he said that there were "very good people on both sides" after being met by the white colleagues. in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Trump's moral leadership was also questioned when he first stood with the white endorsement of David Duke during the 2016 campaign.

President's Comment Friday that white nationalism is not an increasing problem compared to other world leaders fight them, and their clear criticism of rhetoric and white ideology of supremacist

British Prime Minister Maya said there was no place in society for "the calming ideology that inspires and incites hatred and fear . "

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison criticized a violent, extreme, right wing terrorist attack.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said there were "extremist views that they had no place in New Zealand by the alleged perpetrator of the attack, and that he has no place in the world." . "

In a tweet that was launched before Trump traffic in the Oval Office, it seems that Trump had his mind by former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden – White House candidate who could be there in 2020. [19659002"WhetheritisantisemitisminPittsburghracisminCharlottesvilleorthexenophobiaandIslamophobiatodayinChristthereisaviolenthateonthemarchathomeandabroadWecannotstandupasmurderscenesatmosques"Bidentweeted

"Silence is comfort," he said. "Our children are listening. The time to speak out is now."

Democratic Democratic Joaquin Castro from Texas criticized Trump for what he said it is an extremist rhetoric.

"It's cost. And the cost is part of the cost we have seen today. There are people out there who are unstable and who will motivate and take action," Castro told Wolf Blitzer's "The Stable Room." "

The White House's director said Mercedes Schlapp's strategic communication with Friday reporters that it was" terrible that the connection between that individual who did this evil crime put the President, criticizing the too cautious, the repeated racism. "

Trump was dismissed on the idea that white nationalism is increasing his own government's warnings, and it was a model example of how it ignores statistics that are not suitable. its political arguments.

In an information bulletin in May 2017 received by the Foreign Policy magazine, the FBI and the Homeland Security Department warned about "lethal violence" from white supremacist extremist

Trump did not pay attention to raising the nationalist white groups in politics in Europe, with major marches seen

According to the Anti-Defamation Treaty, 71% of all animal-related deaths in the United States between 2008 and 2017 were attacked by attackers. Ross CNN levitt to this story.

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