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This week's Stuff: A student's prize, a dog with odd mail and a comic billboard

The Danish people are often found to be some of the most happy people in the world – and they have all sorts of colds to express their Scandinavian satisfaction. You might be aware of the hygge, concept of Danish relations and cozy combined. Now prepare to clean your piece. There is no accurate English translation, but the concept of a piece could be summed up with the phrase "Don't worry about it," or "things happen." It is essentially a way of dealing with stress by fostering healthy ideas – and appreciates that we can always use some of that. Because, let him face, pyt happens.
This is a Train, and it is here to teach you a thing or two about your dreams ̵
1; even if they finish you face first in an animal volume. Train is a recovery from Chesapeake Bay and was supposed to be a dog staining drugs, but he failed in the narcotic school because he was too hype. He turned out, he just wanted to run around and make a smear. It may be an unsatisfactory task, but scat examples in the wild can be a golden spot for researchers as owner of Trains, conservation biologist Karen DeMatteo. DeMatteo and Argentina's research team are trying to find endangered animal habitats, but it's hard to find out where they live if you can't find the animals themselves. The poop helps to indicate their location, and a Train helps with the button.
  Sons likes dad with a birth notice program, giving thousands of phone calls. CNN disclosed the phone number on the bulletin board.

Happy birthday, stranger!

When your parents remind you to call them on their birthdays, this is probably NOT. Jersey's new dad Chris Chris was in texts and voicemail from people who wished to get a happy birthday to him as his son prankster decided to purchase a bulletin board near Atlantic City with his face. His son always tried to make fun, ridicule their father, and this will be difficult to top. (FYI, Ferry is a birthday in today.)

It is a major responsibility in 1965

Think of the $ 1.5 billion packpot set Mega Millions which was drawn last year? An anonymous woman in South Carolina has gone on to demand it, and she is already making a good tone with her new fortune. According to her lawyer (the winner is not going public, and can you blame her?), She is giving some of her earnings to charities including the Red Cross Cross, who are helping survivors after Deadly tornadoes this month. His lawyer said that the winner feels "that this good fortune has a very social responsibility."

Glass rose to …

Dylan Chidick 17-year-old student in New Jersey only found in 17 DIFFERENT COLLEGE. This is really amazing in itself, but Dylan's way of traveling too is: His family are suffering from homelessness and serious medical conditions since they moved to the USA from Trinidad when he was 7. Dylan says that It is inspired by his mother courage through all. " Going through homelessness let me know that there will be obstacles, “said Dylan,“ but as long as we (our family) are together, we can go through it. "

Bright idea

Yeah, the same as you are. Life is OK. Go out and look at some birds. It's spring time for bird watching everywhere, and studies show that people living in neighborhoods are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and stress with more birds and tree cover. million Americans that they regularly look at birds – and certainly there are millions more around the world.So, go ahead, get hold of binoculars, outside and relax.

You got to see this

Raise your hand if you had a toy (or bought) a toy in the 80s that looked like this just! Lo, the youth fights are related with young tech realities This is a joint project between Toyota and the Japanese space agency, and hopes to launch it into space as early as 2029. If it all goes in, astronauts could survive without even t to spend space spaces.

Fame among us

CNN Heroes have begun to announce their fame of the Year, and Zach Wigal, the founder of Gamers Outreach, is the first person, who creates and takes children's video games stations stuck in the hospital as due to long-term medical treatment. Wigal saw that patients did not always have access to obstacle games on video games, so its foundation portable charts aim to give everyone the fun. One staff member in a children's hospital helps children to find fun activities such as this to keep their levels of anxiety and pain down. Also, every young hero deserves a break from tackling difficult diseases to kick a small lump in Halo 2.

Would you like to find out?

Is Helsinki the coldest city in the world? It is certainly cold, but Finnish people are statistically very happy and the scenery, well, you can't hit it. Plus, a furnace is not known to be very talkative, so you can probably enjoy Helsinki peace wonders.

Tell us something good

Birmingham, AL

When the Methodist Episcopal Church of Africa in Trinity College was damaged in a fire on Christmas Day, its public spent a few months looking for a new church house. could meet her members. It's like they found one – at a nearby synagogue. Emanu-El Temple leaders told the church that they are welcome to worship in space as long as they need. The Revd. Erskine Faush Jr. that the synagogue hospitality was "very large," and is proof that their interdenominational fellowship is "good strong than evil." We want this newsletter to be a place where you can smile and feel good about the world, but it doesn't feel right to go without the tragedy that occurred in Christchurch, New Zealand, this week. Within the hours of attacks on two mosques left at least 49 dead, people of all faiths were raiding around their friends and Muslim community. Mosques are receiving solidarity messages and flowers. A fundraiser raised $ 400,000 to run in half a day, and many Christians promised to attend Friday prayers at their local mosques. So if your heart is hurt, let these solidarity expressions encourage your own ways to love and share. Here are some other ways to help.

Blameless animal video

There is always time for cute animal videos. That time is now.

This is both, because the cow and the girl is completely adorable. Go ahead and live that Disney Princess life, very miss.

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