DES MOINES, Iowa – A student at the University of Iowa was found dead after a day search on a national park in Utah

Jonathan Hogue was found at Canyonlands National Park on Friday after the 33-year-old person believed that 500 officers had dropped it, said County San Juan, Utah, the Sheriff's Office in a news release.

Hogue is a graduate of teaching assistant in Iowa City, University of Iowa tweeted after the man was reported missing on Tuesday, he was studying geography, and was sent on Facebook by the university's graduate government and professional student.

Update on missing persons 1965 made the national park describe Hogue as backup is liked by long trips and off the corridor.

State the physical description that the park also provided that a tattoo at Hogue was on his bicep with the words "Ninja Penguin."

A body of Hogue was found at the foot of the Green Endowment in the Sky Island area of ​​Canyonlands National Park.

The San Juan County Office continues to investigate the death of Hogue.


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