All Android phones have proximity sensors but the earliest ones to switch off the screen when you are on call or release the device in your pocket. For each element of the fancy premium in a new Samsung Galaxy S10 family, it seems they do not use the proximity sensor correctly. Owners across the internet are complaining about accidental contact with the phone in a pocket, which should not happen on a budget phone, let alone which cost up to $ 1

,000. pushing over the phone, be in your ear when you're on a call or on the fabric of your pocket. GS10 seems to use only the proximity sensor when you are calling. So, it is easy for your foot to start the tap to wake a feature through the fabric of your pocket. Users report that they have a waste waste battery and act on the green screen buttons in their pockets. The only way to prevent this is to turn off the tap to wake up and ambient display, making it harder to close the phone with that power button up near the top. We hope this is a software bug or oversight which Samsung can patch on soon.