INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana health officials say that people who had been in touch with bat last week during the Pacers Indiana game could be confused.

Indiana State Department of Health says that anyone who could have touched the wing with bare skin when he went around the game Pacers Thursday in Indianapolis is asked to contact the department or a health care provider in relation to the acquisition of conflicts. The game was against Los Angeles Clippers.

The department says that the information on the conflicting status of the battalion, which is no longer inside Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

Health officials say that one can only be exposed to a conflict if direct contact occurs between the stomach and the bare skin of the person. So far no reports have been reported to anyone with direct contact with the wing.

The game stopped with 6:39 remaining in the first quarter with the Pacers putting the Clippers 17-16 in the first place when the wing came down game Thursday. Repeated after about 4 minutes – without accepting the invader.

The wing returned to court level to the middle of the third quarter and the Pacers were saying 85-61 but soon towards the ceiling.

San Antonio earlier week, Submitted to Spurs played against Brooklyn Nets for almost three minutes in the first quarter at the AT & T Center when a three-sided ghost began around the court. The Arena team managed to catch them, but play started when the mats failed to go back to the layers.

In the Spurs, the next home against Pelicans New Orleans, their coach, The Coyote, was patrons clean when a bat appeared early in the first quarter. Finally, the mascot got the wing in a swamp effort before the staff of the areas were finally put towel.

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