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Stupid apps on the Play Store promises to update your phone magically to a new Android version

The Android developer preview program is always an exciting program here at Android Police. We love to dig everything new and soon look at features that are not available. Better yet, you don't have to worry about installing unstable beta software on your device. However, you know you. Of course, you want your hands to get the fresh release ASAP. Some bad actors know the Play Store too. When searching for an "update on Android" it reveals the load of apps that this promises to do, but it will not.

Quite silly, these apps don't promise updates for Android Q, but they don't go as far as O and P I guess they focus on users who aren't too tech but they have heard that their colleagues speak about the "New Large Features" so in Android Pie. Or maybe the developers remain under a rock and they haven't heard that the Android Q is still ominous.

As you can see in the screens above, some of these apps are even "not released" in the Play Store, giving them an "Early Access Badge" when browsing the shop on a mobile phone. This is designed to allow intellectual users to think that they are going – well, duh – "early access" to new Android versions. Also, it goes on the Play Store list of the pesky reviews that might say something is connected with the app. An application set for “Release” shows this:

Undoubtedly, none of these were installed. As mentioned in the above reviews, your best case is that the application will show you some notifications and will tell you the update. In the worst case, these malicious code applications could be injected, because some malware always manages to slip into the Play Store

Often takes Android updates months, more than a year, maybe until they reach most Android devices and a few other manufacturers, such as Essential PH-1. Only an application can be installed that will upgrade your phone. The only person who can issue an update is your device manufacturer – you will receive notification when it is available and can only be downloaded from the Settings app on your phone.

Not so you update your phone's software.

We do not intend to link to any of the lists so as not to give them more exposure. However, if you want to find any of them on the Play Store and you need to do something to promote the human race this weekend, you can detect them as inappropriate.

Alternative title: No, Mom, you can't update Android's phone to an app that you got on the Play Store.

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