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; star Sarah Hyland is engaged. Hyells and her boyfriend, Bachelorette student Wells Adams, announced their engagement on social media.

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It makes no sense to cry over a postponed wedding.

Modern Family student Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams celebrated in style on Saturday, the day they were scheduled to get married, although the wedding was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The lovebirds posted the party on Instagram, which included the coincidence with “Mrs.” and “Mr.” facial masks.

“On our wedding day, we didn’t get married,” Hyland wrote on Instagram Stories. “He’s also wearing a damn mask.”

In a series of photos shot in front of an impressive sunlit vineyard, the two held hands and got angry with each other with Hyland wearing a white half-barrier top, a straw hat and a white veil. with the words “bride to be.”

“A couple, a pandemic and a postponed wedding: a series. We should get married today. Instead … we took pictures and drank wine,” wrote Hyland, 29. “I love you on Pluto and back.”

Sarah Hyland dedicated herself to Well Adams: Her romantic proposal Fiji

Adams, 36, starred in a “Bachelor in Paradise” star in the same scene, grabbing his wife’s background by a photo as he stuck out his tongue and laughed. “We were supposed to get married today. We didn’t. But he still grabbed my ass. So, you know, he’s still fine,” Wells wrote.

Adams appeared in season 12 of “The Bachelorette” in 2016. While he didn’t win the heart of JoJo Fletcher, he caught Hyland’s attention, who tweeted about his crushing and added the hashtags: “I knew which was the best from the first moment. “and” The men who read are hot. “

Online flirting turned into a relationship in October 2017. The two engaged last July in Fiji, with Adams sharing videos of the proposal on his Instagram account, tailored to Drew’s song Holcomb and The Neighbors, “I Like To Be With Me When I’m With You.”

“I’ll be Johnny, you’ll be June. But forever,” the sweet video headlined.

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