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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip includes Galaxy Watch Active 2 for free

Samsung is hosting some discounted packages for some of its current devices on Amazon and Best Buy, one of which includes its Galaxy Z Flip folding phone and a 44mm Galaxy Watch Active 2 smartwatch for $ 1,380. This is the normal price of the phone, but the savings come in the form of getting the watch, which costs about $ 249 right now, for free. Given that there have been few deals on the unlocked version of Z Flip, this is a decent value if you plan to invest now.

This package is also active for the Galaxy S20 and there is also no price drop below its normal $ 1,000 price tag. If you see coverage of our offers on a regular basis, you probably already know that it has been sold up to a reduced price of $ 800. But if you need a phone right now, at least your purchase comes with a pretty big accessory at no extra cost.

It’s worth noting that Samsung is gearing up for its Unpacked event next week, where we expect to see a lot of new devices announced. Of course, we look forward to seeing the Galaxy Note 20 unveiled and, based on this official teaser, the Galaxy Fold 2, Samsung’s “faves” headset rumors, a new tablet and a new Galaxy Watch could take center stage. So, if you prefer to save your money today, there may be some pre-order incentives for these devices around the street.

Update 1

1:00 ET ET, July 31: Details have been added about Samsung’s upcoming Unpacking event, where we hope to announce a myriad of new products.

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