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Rath Subaru in America is sending to its point of breaking

Photo: Carlos Osorio (AP)
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Foaru's success is draining his resources, Toyota has a pipe autonomous car in the works, and the truck battles are hotter than ever. All this and more in The Morning Shift for Monday, February 11, 2019.

First Gear: The Subaru Rath is Double-Edged Sword

Subaru is enrolling in record sales in the United States for Ten years now, and there is no reason to believe that there will be a difference between 2019. But all success is in line with paying the price, according to Automotive News :

At the end of last month, responding to public acclaim that Subaru continues a pressure chef environment, recognizing the automation that there were several facilities Japan tied thousands of workers to eliminate millions of dollars in unpaid pay at overtime work off the clock.


The breakdown of production visitors in Japan has swallowed Subaru's reputation in the domestic market, and has prevented his Japanese sales and put on the corporate body. The problems are now entering the United States in the form of reminder and shipments.

"We are constantly transporting [Subaru] not making investments and necessary changes to ensure that brands and their customers are well-known," wrote the State National Consultant Advisory Board United was secretary from September 18 to top subaru management in the United States and Japan after returning recovery on the Ascent Crew trail built last year. 19659012] Subarus-and with the next generation Outback set out to come back – is dependent on the supply. There is no quality control, production is stopping, the workers are running off, and those who are not required to play overtime amounts – 105 hours per month, in one case

Subaru said CFO Toshiaki Okada said the company should "increase our capacity accordingly in terms of management and facilities" to match the growing demand, but not to do so. Now, Subaru is searching ways to "carefully" start expanding among the crisis. [19659007] Second Gear: Toyota Auto Car will sell in One Year

At least, that is what the company currently has.

Toyota, the largest automotive manufacturer in Japan, is well planned but also to do a lot of work, according to a report of Automotive News Europe . The idea is that the idea is just the first step.

[Toyota] to develop the hardware and software for the vehicle, it makes a great deal of technology costs and will hinder all the software engineers.

The challenge facing James Kuffner, CEO of the Toyota Advanced Development Inc. Research Institute, or TRI-AD. His Tokyo company was set up in March to start the Toyota effort closing the gap between the research and the showroom.

The first milestone in 2020 comes, when Toyota plans to enable vehicles to drive themselves on highways. Kuffner said they would be enrolled blenders.

"The prototypes and pre-product vehicles taken by the team here at TRI-AD will be the … the most smart co-fitter on wheels," said Kuffner late in the last month at TRI-AD office temporary near Tokyo Station. "We ask that it is my generation to build this technology and bring it to the market."

"Supercomputers Rolling." "Moonshot." Normally those who do not expect to hear about technology that are intended to be sold in the next year are not normally. To make this dream, Toyota has invested $ 2.8 billion in partnership with Aisin Seiki and Denso
to create self-driver software, and some are not even in production. They are required to develop "Silicon Valley reminder", according to Nikos Michalakis, the vice president who heads the software platform. And they are needed to find out how to make this new technology affordable if they are going to attract customers.

Third Gear: The Truck Wars are Heating Up

Trucks are one of the largest staples in the automotive market today. Companies like Chevrolet and GM are offering sizable discounts (think, Ram Truck Month and Silverado Sell Down) to try to choose people [truaillí] over another automation. As News Updated Reports:

It is hoped that the carrier will continue, if not rising, this year with GM and Ram launching the recycling of serious drugs against modern Ford Ford models, and Ford and Jeep goes into the medium to compete against Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon aging in GM and the Toyota Tacoma segment.

GM is selling the lightweight (medium sized, full HD and HD) for five consecutive years, and it is not intended to let that title go without fighting. He is tackling a battle with a resurrected Ranger Ford and Jeep coming Gladiator.

It's a tough battle to fight. Brand truck lovers are run deeply in the world of truck, which provides updated models and incentives as common:

The average incentive spending for the total pickup segment last year was $ 5,670 per vehicle, according to JD Power. The incentive for the segment in January is $ 5,560 – just below the average last year and just $ 81 over a year ago.

The increase in seasonal repayments in incentives was in January after end-year discounts, including the Chevrolet employee pricing promotion and other models in December.

In January, Chevrolet offered an average of $ 4,600 in incentives against Silverado sold, according to internal JD Power data obtained through outsourced sources, down from more than $ 6,000 in December. The F Ford series spending fell by 8.3 percent to $ 4,500 in January, while Ram folder incentives fell 5.9 percent to $ 5,178.

It's a GM decision to keep the light duty market this year but the Ford Ranger and the Jeep Gladiator are giving GM support for their money. It will be a native one to watch playing this year.

4th Gear: Nissan and Renault Prepare for Ghosn Blowback

This week is really going to us what kind of mess was Carlos Ghosn's affair caused by Nissan, Renault, and the automotive industry as a whole – that's right , everyone. Earnings release is coming out. Pierre Quemener, analyst at MainFirst Bank AG in Paris, has made it concise: "Automates start 2019 with blood."

If you want to get a little flavor of what earnings reports can declare, Bloomberg some projections:

Profit is predicted to profit Nissan operates 10 percent to 517.1 billion yen ($ 4.7 billion) in the fiscal year ending March, the lowest in five years, according to analysts carried out by Bloomberg. Renault is likely to report a reduction of operating profit for 8.8 percent last year to 3.47 billion euros ($ 3.93 billion).


The shares of both companies are far from the capture of Ghosn on November 19. Renault did not change slightly at midnight in Paris on Monday, and 31 per cent lost in the last year. Nissan dropped 1.5 percent earlier in Tokyo and decreased by 19 per cent in the last 12 months.

This is a significant sum of losses – especially the Chinese market Nissan (as projected as the largest automotive market), sales of hemorrhaging, investments in emerging electricity and autonomous technology, and Of course, Brexit is a single angry cloud coming on behalf of Nissan-Renault.

And remember a Nissan plant in Mississippi to cut 700 workers? Yeah. However, since sales of truck and van have slowed down, however. If there was a good time for internal scandal, this is not as hell.

5th Gear: UAW Highlights Profit Related Highlights

From 2015, automates of almost $ 5 billion will write in bonuses to the United States Automobile Workers Union, and 2015 checks on profit alone as a whole $ 1.8 billion.

But that amount is not starting to think a lot yet. In fact, it highlights the current decline in the automotive market. Automotive News is larger:

But the checks for 2018 are due to be paid by March, with the lowest total payment from the Ford, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles consolidation to their current deals with UAW 2015 and throw down catastrophic talks – and the possible change – this summer and fall as the side goes with a new four-year agreement.

The industry has a more uncertain attitude than in the final round of formal marketing when Ford and GM are at the beginning of record earnings and the industry was marking a new mark in US sales. Now, GM is among closing and employing assembly plants, Ford has undergone a global restructuring, and FCA is pursuing life after the death of Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne, who was instrumental to Get the company out of net debt position last year for bankruptcy.

What makes lower industry profits mean for the UAW? Lower profit checks – or, to put it in another way, unstable checkpoints from year to year.
Although GM, Ford and FCA have improved improved profits in 2019, it is not clear that the exciting numbers that had fallen on the market in 2015.

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