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New Zealand updates live: PM Jacinda Ardern trying to change gun laws


• The principal feels that Friday's two-masted Christchurch, New Zealand murders are deadly on Friday at Saturday. Brenton Harrison Tarrant, Australian 28 years of age, stained the cameras and made a white power signal from the dock. Authorities in custody have two more suspects.

• New Zealand leader gives his “gun laws change.” Suspect was allowed to carry the types of guns used in deadly attacks. According to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, investigators at the scene of their shooting found 49 dead five guns allegedly being used by the main suspects: Two semi-automatic weapons, two shotguns and lever firearms.

• Live video Streaming one of the shot on Facebook and uploading it to other sites such as Twitter and YouTube, raising questions about the role of social media in radicalization.

• The police also said they were investigating a 74-page manifesto which was left behind after the shooting and that this put against Muslims and immigrants and he mentioned another wing extremist who has committed serious violence

] • President Trump said on Friday that he had not seen the proclamation, but he did not believe that nationalism is a global threat, adding, “I think that a small group of people have very serious problems. It's definitely a terrible thing.


1; The Australian, Brenton Harrison Tarrant, 28 years of age and barefoot, violated the court of Christ, New Zealand, on Saturday and blew it “Right” – widely seen as a symbol of white power – as he stood to face a murder charge less than 24 hours after an attack on two mosques in the city left at least 49 people dead.

The Tarrant police named the main suspect in the Friday attack which was one of the most enduring shot in the history of New Zealand. Two others were arrested in connection with the shot: The second man, Daniel John Burrough, 18 years of age was scheduled to attend court later in Saturday and will succeed in inciting charges of racial sensitivity or grief. . A third accomplice was not identified.

During his hearing, the community closed with Judge Paul Keller in the interest of safety – an unusual move for New Zealand courts – Tarrant did not plead the murder charge. He will remain in custody and will be shown for another hearing to be arranged for 5 April, and there are likely to be other charges

When dressed in white prison clothes, Tarrant was silent while listening and wearing heavily. with the press, according to New Zealand. Photographs from the courtroom showed him standing in the dock, with two police officers alongside, making a “right” sign widely seen as white power.

Local hospital officials said there were 39 people, including 2 children

None of the three people in Australia or New Zealand had criminal records, or were on security watch lists, the Prime Minister said. New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, who confirmed the country's “gun laws”

Ardern said that New Zealand had suffered “unusual and unprecedented violent action”, in particular that violence was targeted at the country's immigrant population. “They've chosen to make the home in New Zealand, and it's their own home,” she said. “We are us.”

The slaughter killing touched a nervous world. President Trump, in a statement issued on Friday morning, expressed his sympathy and best wishes to the people of New Zealand. Later on Friday, Trump said he does not believe that white nationalism is a rising global danger. “I think a small group of people have very serious problems,” he said.

The shooter broadcast the attack, which was alive on social media platforms and observed several times across the globe. As media companies discovered the video, which was shown by many people who hit shooting, the audience found ways to repeat it elsewhere.

A vision of shooting with the gunman begins driving to the mosque in a tactical gear, a car full of weapons. It shows the shooting from its perspective – a cool record of violence brought by police to warn people not to share them. The shooter generates hundreds of round bullets inside and outside the Al Noor Mosque, where most of the blood blood occurred, retreating at one point to his car for another weapon. He refuses to injured victims to ensure they are dead. The violence lasts about six minutes.

Witnesses at the Linwood mosque said that there was further breathing being avoided when a guy jumped the gun man and applied his army, and forced him to flee, local media reported.

Twitter put the suspended account in which the links were first visible and “worked proactively to remove the video content from the service,” according to a spokesperson. Facebook “Facebook and Instagram accounts put the shooter off quickly and said the video” as soon as the police sent the social media company to know, spokesman Mia Garlick said in a statement. “We are getting rid of any suggestion or support for crime and shooter or shooters as soon as we know it.”

The aggregation and debate website “actively monitoring the situation” and “content” with links to the video stream, ”said a spokesman for An Post.

In a 74-page manifesto released online before the attacks, Tarrant promised to kill the Muslims and “reduce immigration rates directly. “In the proclamation, Tarrant said that he intended to intensify the United States on gun ownership and the Second Amendment. He also showed his respect for other white nationals who did mass shooting.

He wrote in each of the main letters in his proclamation, “Why does someone not do something?” He said: “Why don't I do something? “

He decided to“ give an undertaking to act.

Nour Tavis, who was at the mosque and escaped after a person had to turn off a window outside the building, said that the shooter turned his gun on everyone he was able to find.

“Everyone,” Tavis said to the Herald in New Zealand, in tears. “Young people, old man, old woman.”

Tavis said he had seen the man wearing a 5 year old daughter with a friend.

Health officials said that 48 patients, including young children and adults, had been treated.

Ardern said that five guns were used by Ardern, two semi-automatic rifles and two shotguns, as well as level action weapons. He had a license for the guns he received in November 2017;

She suggested trying to change the country's gun laws, which are more stringent than in the US, but not as strict as regulations in Australia and much

“I can tell you now that our gun laws won't change, ”she said. “This is the time now.”

Breaking embroidery embroidered on white births and “white genocide” on the trailer's proclamation. ”The most recent sign was that the deadly vision of the white nationalist is spread internationally. His title, The Great Replacement, recognized a book title by a French politician in the far south, as well as a racing cry, among other things, the torchbearers in Charlottesville in 2017.

country of almost 5 million, Muslim has more than 46,000 residents, according to data from the 2013 Census, up 28 per cent from 2006.

Members of a refugee family who fled Syrian civil war appeared to be among the victims. , Akil, Auckland-based spokesman for Syria Solidarity New Zealand, said in an interview. The family father was killed, a son was badly injured, and another son was missing, Akil said, citing the information he had received from a family friend.

Akil said that the family probably came to New Zealand previously four or five years, to "a safe hall, only killed here."

Prime Minister Ardern said New Zealand was chosen for the attack “because we represent diversity, kindness, compassionate, home to those who share our values. “Speaking to the people responsible for the attack directly, she said:“ Perhaps you chose us. But we refuse and criticize completely. ”

Isaac Stanley-Becker, Eli Rosenberg and Alex Horton in Washington contributed to this report.

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