A new study indicates that insect numbers around the world are decreasing, and "researchers" may have a decline.

Over 40 percent of the species of insects in the world could be achieved over the coming years during the "disastrous" results of the various ecosystems of the planet, a new study says.

The study was published in April An issue of the review of the Biological Conservation public review has said that tooths, butterflies, moths, bees and dung grasses are among those most likely species.

The study says that habitats are lost because of "severe agriculture and urbanization," pollution and climate change are the main causes of rapid decline.

"The consequences of the planet's ecosystems will be disastrous that the insects are at the structural and functional base of many of the world's ecosystems", which reads an extract from the study conducted by researchers at the University of Sydney, Queensland University and the Academy of Sciences Agriculture of China.

The study is based on a review of 73 comprehensive reports around the world that describe insect cuts.

The study said that more than 60 percent of the honey beetles in the Mediterranean countries have declined, and one has of six species of bees gone regionally.

Research is that most of the studies are experiencing deprivation among species than concentrating on birds or mammals, but insects were only represented as their "central importance "when exercising an ecosystem.

The study takes Reduce or reduce some changes to slow down, including a serious reduction in the use of pesticides.

Insects have a vital role in Ecosystems, Tim Kring, chaired the science department at the Virginia Tech University. "They are important as food for other organisms that allow them to reproduce, so that other species rely on, Kring said." Most of the plants depend on insects in many ways of their own reproduction. "

Dies may also be helpful for people, for example, Kring said that many sources of drugs could come from insects, plants or other biological organisms.

" When we lose species, our enable them to find new things that do not belong to the species themselves, probably, "he said.

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