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Marking Iran 40 years from Islamic Revolution as Rouhani warns US

"Iran will continue to expand its military and military missiles program," said Rouhani in front of the thousands of people who were collecting in the Azadi Square (Saoirse) Tehran to mark the 1979 anniversary of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the West [19659002] US President Donald Trump said that in 2018 the economic sanctions imposed by him in the attempt to keep Iran's military – that is his ballistic missile program – in a check.

] Tehran has attempted to present the printed forces in support of the regime and Rouhani has forced Trump to become increasingly open for regimental changes in Iran.

"Today we are the goal of a psychological and economic war. We need to solve these problems," said Rouhani on Monday. "With their help and the help of each other … we will win before America."

& # 39; Death to America & # 39;

The recitation of Quranic verses mixed with revolutionary genres as a sea of ​​people made by Iran's flags and banners. Stalls that put the road to the main square distributed an information booklet, hosting live radio shows and expressing young children singing Islamic and national anthems.

  Cardboard rich cardboard images of figures of figurative revolutions, including the Rougelah Khomeini Supreme Leader, are shown.

"When we say to America & # 39; we mean Trump, and (US Secretary of State Mike) Pompeo," said cleric Mohammed Reza Maqsood, 32, referring to the inflammatory chant was a staple of the national Islamic Republic Celebration.

President Ali Khamenei's President made Maqsood's address when he said "Death to America" ​​was only applied to "Trump, (National Security Advisor) John Bolton and Pompeo."

"I chose to come here and rally so I can see it. You do not need a high education to see the support here," said Maqsood.

& Failure to conflict with the Islamic Republic & # 39;

The Iranian Revolutionary Minority Guard chief executive was among the hosts marching to the Azadi Square.

In an interview with Western media, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari told CNN: "With the missiles we now have, to achieve advanced technology and self-esteem in different areas, and also the growth of the population in Iran, we have to protect the power and ability against any type of invasion. "[19659002] Jafari said popular government support, as well as the" expanded protection system "of Iran, that the Islamic Republic "viable."

"The Americans and other great powers know that there has been a conflict with the Islamic Republic," said Jafari. "They have embarked on our hands, political, political and economic war, and our people have understood. They stand against and prepared."

Fervor transport

The Iranian authorities have attempted to build the commemoration. For a few days, TV stations have been separated from the TV station from the cans of 1979. They carried on a dramatic video of the first Superintendent, Ayatollah Rouhallah Khomeini, who came into Tehran after 14 years in a house and rewrite the crowd Encourage the leader's head to erase the "Western imperialism" zone.

  Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini takes hold of the crowd at the University of Tehran after returning to Iran during the Iranian Revolution.

Government messages focused on the "We Can" feature, a welcome acknowledgment of the difficulties that the millions of Iranians have caused as a result of US renewal sanctions.

The prices have been soared, the government has plumed and food and medical shortages have influenced families across Iran. But the authorities say that the country is not more tough than hardship, and that people's "stability" regularly take place in the eight-year war with Iraq in the 1980s.

On Sunday night, fireworks in Tehran rose and some conservative neighborhoods called Allahu Akbar (God is wonderful). This was a tribute to a scene that announced the revolution just 40 years earlier. On the night before the Shah was declared officially unemployed, the Iranians took their balconies, beats and pans like Allahu Akbar & # 39; which was back across the capital.

Extension of uneasiness

While many people confirm the truth to hurt Iran at that time, some post-revolutionaries say privately that they feel that they are uninstall which was out of the political and economic situation.

  Iranian protesters who are tackling the worst team & # 39; Breakdown in ten years

"We have created a cultural change, while the country has become more religious," said Abolqasem Shafie, the business that took part in the Islamic revolution exhibitions. "But I think you need a lot in economic terms."

Since the revolution, literacy rates have ceased and access to healthcare and education has improved, especially in rural areas and provinces.

But signs of spreading inequality, as well as extensive reports on the corruption of government and the economy, are deeply affecting the economy that has hit international sanctions over the past 40 years.

"There has been a lot of hit at Iran's level in the past year, as demonstrated by protest movements … deal with issues related to corruption and the misdemeanor of home affairs," said Ellie Geranmayeh, Policy Senior Member of the European Foreign Relations Council (ECFR).

"This will be a big issue … not only for the current government of Rouhani but with any ongoing government that comes to power."

For some, these problems have led to an event that would cause another celebration.

"I'm not proud of this commemoration," one man in the age of 20 said to request a name for security reasons. "This is not the fourth in July. It's not just what we should be proud of. I do not like people like me what you wanted."

  Enjoyed the ceremony on Monday.

He said, however, that he does not have any love on Shah's day, despite his desire to lose his social freedoms as Iran changed his theocracy. His father participated in the exhibitions four years ago – to declare what the revolution did, insisting that a "step back" would be declared.

& # 39; Trump should not involve & # 39;

The man said that the US president's attack on the regime should be stopped. "Trump should not be involved in these things. This is my country and we know what is best for us."

Instead of provoking Iranians against the regime, Trump's administrative efforts are the isolation of the country and support antitrust supporters just ask for war images, some Iranians said. "My friends are and I want to meet this system than there was a war in Syria and Iraq," said the man.

Geranmayeh of the ECFR said "there is a deep upset" and there is a doubt about Iran's dealings again. and the West.

"Will Iran come to the negotiating table again with the United States? So far, the message is not until the United States comes back to the nuclear deal and fulfills its commitment," said yes. 19659043] Shirzad Bozorgmehr, Sara Mazloumsaki, Zahra Ullah and Samuel Quashie-Idun CNN added this report.

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