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Jessica Rothe dies and looks like the fun composed of Happy Day Day 2U

Photo: Universal Pictures



Christopher Landon


Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Phi Vu, Ruby Modine, Rachel Matthews, Charles Aitken, Suraj Sharma, Sarah Yarkin, Steve Zissis


Theaters Everywhere February 13

Most of the time sequence is: The audience is stuck in a loop, suffer the same base around again. So it should not happen that Happy Death Day 2U was a way to get the Girlfriend (Jessica Rothe) back to the life-cycle cycle that she escaped end of 2017. sleeper Happy Death Day . There is a tree, naturally, livid, and as it storms into the same morning campus routine that has suffered through ad nauseam the last time around, the volcanic deficiency is funny, certainly, but also a threat to our reflect their own. After all, the first film did not already have the déjà vu factor to its border? We could not always reduce the same points as a main character frozen in time. We were reappearing again through the Phil Connors redemption plan, watching an identical person Groundhog Day itself as a fundamental human. Skin may be screamed-to-the-heavens "Not again!" An appropriate response to a sequence that is fortunate by pressing the reset button on what was already in existence.

Initially, the movie can be found on a loan from the Slasher bible but just pass the sticks on another profile. In essence, the movie's open stretch is the speed of the original, but this time Ryan's (Ryan Phi Vu) competition relief is trying to stuck in a horrible time, killed and Re-relay directly only one day after his college, Carter (Israel Broussard), who helped Tree escape his purgatory selfway. This is not the most betrayed plan, due to the greatest amount of peripheral fun of the first movie of Chrann itself, and how much Vu's bad stoner-doofus routine makes the agony comic Rothe. It seems to think more the same, minus the charm.

What's more than what this new movie offers. The happy surprise of Happy Death Day 2U is that he received ways to use his predecessor formula, to break the franchise cycle of franchise. As it happens, Ryan is the one responsible for these chronological record skips, for his own predictions and on Tree. The culprit: a strange science project of 1980, a machine called the Quantum Cooling Reactor. It seems safe to say that nobody wanted this series to explain the mechanics of her magical gimmick. But in Happy Death Day 2U Christopher Landon, writer-director returns, uses mumbo jumbo for a lot of time not only to recover his fluid in a cosmic limbo, but by rules of his order change: The film's turn is while the same day, the world itself … is different . His relationship has changed. However, also the identity of the mass-maledicent is crying for herself and their friends.

Photo: Universal Pictures

The last time, it was Groundhog Day naturally, conscious name-checking. Here, someone goes to the corresponding fun with the reference of [[Presupuesto] Back To The Future 2 . First-born Happy Death Day could complain that the sequence would lose some of the basic delicacies of the original, which would increase its yield, and it has become too difficult to literally Loopy, in the way Robert Zemeckis hit a sci-fi signal resonance with a smaller, more complicated trip by rollercoaster through different strands. But the first film of Landon honestly could be was difficult; It was not nearly enough with Scream -on-repeit conceit. The best thing about this, through stays and limits, Rothe's inspirational performance was the various frustration issues that she had given to the Tree worry crisis. Happy 2U Day still keeps the focus on manic-neurotic energy the lead: hitting with "Ha!" As the killer falls down on a stairs fly, or strikes as a shift during a slapstick change on the suicide Montage Phil Connors.

In many ways, the sequence feels without a bad key to Roth's expressive shtick. Landon seems to want to want more horror, probably the move is right, because of the slight suspension that may suffer from the hidden murder scenes, and the part Most of them run in the same few hours hidden empty and suddenly a nondescript hospital. (For this whole series of loans from Wes Craven, it may be better to get his master's tune better and release tensions.) That the comedy is not sophisticated: In addition However, Steve Zissis should not do. The geeks spikes laboratory is blending the genre with a new dose of Revenge Of The Nerds tomfoolery, which essentially draws three more. However, The Happy Death Day 2U knows at least what he has in Rothe, the queen's scream as a pleasant star. And if tearjerker puts a crucial role in real land, it is due to the honest feeling that the actor has put in place against the new moral moral dilemma of the Tree. There would be no oversight of this base through another remedy, but when a slasher license ceased when it was on? Le Rothe aboard, it would not so bad, doing life over and over again.

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