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Received my endometriosis after I get a hysterectomy;

  Jackie Lynam suffered for years from severe periods and from chronic pain. Photo: Kyran O Brien
Jackie Lynam suffered for many years from severe periods and from chronic pain. Photo: Kyran O Brien

Full wrapping wrapped around the right ovary – removal; of endometriosis on ovary left – still functioning, not removed, one fallopian tube stuck with cervix possibly due to previous endometriosis: no endometriosis was removed in bowel;

There was enough to accept into it – I never thought I had endometriosis because it surprised me when the consultant read with me his surgical notes at my post-hysterectomy check. I typed them quickly into my phone, but I haven't had a chance to think about everything involved. day every month. I used my friends and said that their stay lasts two days and that they noticed they were hardly. Since it will be so easy. But despite knowing that not everyone had suffered with me, I decided in some way on those periods but another unfair aspect of being a girlfriend / woman, and I learned quietly to put a circle on them. dates on the calendar, praying that the next period would not come together with a big night out, weekend, romantic break or sleeping in a friend's house.

At an early smear test in the early 20s, the nurse stated that I had a reversal uterus, but said it was quite common and not worried about it. I went on the pad around the same time and while I ruled my cycle and worked effectively as contraception, my periods remained heavy and I continued for seven or eight days. And I still suffered from menstrual cramps and lower back pain. Looking back, I see there were two main reasons why I did not seek earlier medical assistance. I didn't think there was anything wrong with me rather than being unlucky – I pointed out that I believed there were women problems and that they would be openly discussed rather than openly discussed, so I felt I should continue face with him. And the other reason I had was that I had another health problem that spent much of my time and space.

I was diagnosed with Funny Bowel Syndrome (IBS) when I was 21 and the huge negative impact it had on my body and mental health affected all other medical issues. Over the years, I tried not to use any of the traditional medical way, and every other method I could think of – eliminating diets (repeatedly), homeopathy, hypnotherapy nuts, probiotics ( some types). I read all the books, I suffered the invasive procedures and scans, dairy cutting, wheat, corn, onions, beans etc. I would convince myself every time I tried a new medicine that this was what my life would do, but afterwards I was disappointed.

About six years ago, I reached a low ebb. IBS completely departed with two hours of every single day affected by IBS, I decided to follow the traditional medical route again. I found a different gastro consultant who sent me for more scans and tests – but, great, after 25 years of IBS, nothing showed my bowel, rather than very small scarring. I was surprised. If there was no reason, how could I cure it?

I was sent to a dietitian and I followed a low-mold diet, which greatly helped the transformation but had no impact on my detonating morning routine and drainage. At the end of the road with that consultant, I mentioned that I had a reversal bomb and that it was worth me to cause IBS symptoms.

I was sent to a gynecologist and although he was not sure whether there was a link between my IBS symptoms and my inclinations, he was very worried about excessive bleeding, bounce in my handwriting and lower back – the illnesses I put up for many years. When he examined me, he surprised him how far back my womb was and, along with my other signs, he recommended a hysterectomy.

After my third child was born, I considered the Mirena coil or going back to the pill to cure the heavy bleeding and irregular cycle, but after looking up the side effects, I decided not to go with him both options. But for the previous months before you saw the gynecologist, the bleeding was too heavier.

One evening, I was running so many bloodsheds, I was sure I was bleeding. They were thick from a consistency point of view, like raw liver pieces, and it seemed every time I left the bathroom, forced me to delay back to pass even more. I was very worried. I asked my husband home from work and I went to the nearest A&E department of the hospital. I spent the next four hours rushing in and out of the toilet, and my big supply of night sanitary towels deteriorated dramatically. By the time I saw the nurses, it was morning mornings and I realized I wasn't dying – this was the worst time of my life.

The last period before my hysterectomy, but this time I did not know without panic. Instead, I was extremely relieved that the horror would never have to be done in bathrooms, multi-pads night pads to buy me to get through the first few days of my period, stopping pads in handbags and being hidden in coat pockets, as well as the pain I bent for several days each month.

The hysterectomy was a major operation and I had some difficulties, which meant I was out of work for four months. The post-operational consultation was cited by first endometriosis. I read articles about it, but because they always mentioned infertility and I thought three children, I never imagined that I could do it.

But when I looked at endometriosis signs, many of them were like my own periods, the pelvis pain and crapping some days before the start of the period, together with excessive bleeding. So with pre-menstrual pains and cramps, combined with the actual period, it meant pain and discomfort for at least 10 days a month.

He felt my life was checking calendars, buying supplies, wearing dark underwear and washing blood-stained sheet and the mortification that was attached to them if they stayed in the homes of others. And that was blended with the bleak slips of pain in my pelvis and severe back pain some days each month while I attend work events, football games, school bicycles, cooking, cleaning and everything else a parent needs. to do work. [19659004] It's almost four years from my hysterectomy and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Unfortunately, it did not affect my IBS symptoms, but it eased a huge source of pain and discomfort. I wish I had not suffered in silence for years.

For more information, see endometriosis.ie


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