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Klopp is the biggest obstacle between Liverpool and the title

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The biggest barrier to Liverpool to win the series? Jurgen Klopp
And so there was only four points in the gap, and it is unlikely that nothing will come next month. This is the first wheel coming out, do not forget any.

Jurgen Klopp once again revealed why he is not just the man for the job. So poorly tactically, as pathetic with its initial selection. Remember, this is the last week said he would want to be a journalist but still "pays he pays it now". His first priority is Liverpool fans .

Klopp was given around the world for money pleasures, the keys to success, and yet it can not be delivered. Hey Jurgen, who needs a new defendant? This is the most expensive defendant in the world. Does a new keeper need? The most expensive curator is in the world (at the time). Is an aggressor needed? Heres Mo Salah. Do some central park need? It's £ 1

00m for Keita and Fabinho.

Like it or not, but Liverpool is just the top of the series due to unusual circumstances. Man City is trying to punish Anfield, Daniel Sturridge with a last worldie gasp at Chelsea, Jordan Pickfords, an inexplicable one-to-a-second mistake to enter the derby, not only removing two of the goals to remedy the worst United side Recently, etc. This, coupled with unprecedented announcements at Man City, is that Liverpool has become temporarily crafted, but the reality is that Klopp is really underachived. With the money they spent and their fortune in Liverpool should be more than just four points.

I have written before it comes to Klopps arrogance (including a secret idea that the players need to set time in their system, as it restores the wheel) but watch their conference post -PSG away when He was even thinking of journalists to ask him to play Henderson, Milner and Wijnaldum as a three program. Since then it has been the mission of creating people wrong. He made the same midfielder against Naples and screened the victory (still another lucky result, as when Liverpool had been the last winner at Anfield against PSG) and the local press went too much – serious, talking about responding to his critics, etc. Those same people (including Klopp) did not want to discuss the midfield last night is not there? Many of the aepopools transfer committee were used, but I strongly believe that Liverpool fans should like to thank their lucky stars as a result. If Klopp was running, he would play every single game of Henderson and Milner. Thank you for Michael Edwards to see how good Fabinho et al is, signing and creating some pressure on Klopp to change his idea of ​​mud, pedestrian midfielders. This means that when the first manager comes in (the first is expected) he will have a large, unused squad to work with.

The final nail in the Klopps coffin should be deemed to have the idea that players "machines" are their full myths. Roberto Firmino was a great player before Klopp came. The year before Firmino arrived in Liverpool he hit 16 goals in 33 games for Hoffenheim. More importantly, in the last two seasons in the Bundesliga, it has tackled more than one of the series's suspects. As a result, more than one center of residence is a priority, while still scoring every other week. Incredible, but that's what it does. Klopp did not "do" Firmino the player he is, hes always in that way. Mo Salah averaged 1 in 2 for two seasons at Roma before going to Liverpool. 1 in 2 for undeveloped teams has a fantastic protection set. But that's what it is. The record of the Sadio Manes goals for Salzburg and Southampton is almost identical to its record in Liverpool. And so on. It provides an actual assault for these players that their success and abilities are down to Klopp. And to create the point: why does anyone ever talk about Dejan Lovren's good when he is talking about how Klopp improves "players"? Directly.

Create a situation Klopp now that players have no reason to do. If you are Fabinho or Shaqiri and will you MOTM perform if you keep your starting start? Nope, because the manager will just fall on Jordan Jordan next week. And if you are Jordan Henderson, no matter if you're playing? Nope, because the manager will return to your "big" game in a few weeks, no matter whatsoever. Do you think Pep Guardiola got home last night and thought "wow, this was Fernandinho's performance tonight, I must remember the game next!" Directly.

The stars made an alignment for Liverpool this season. They were very lucky in some games, and last night the lucky was taking place. The program would be a reasonable manager and Liverpool was now reading, or could manage it until the end of the season. Klopp can not be done. But hey, coming to May when Liverpool 3 ends up with no doubt he will be drinking some fans and spend some of the songs and they will be forgotten, and they will talk about the time he spent Beatles' shirt and how he was "got" it. And if, according to "it", you mean the unexpected years and no title titles, then, I guess you're right.

Klopp trap

Klopp only scoffed about complaining about Kompany's capture last night when Mane went on to Ederson in the head, this was to say , & # 39; I do not think that's a red card. Mane did not see him. I already saw the targeter and, of course, it's not that bad. A red card in such a game is very lucky. "
As he is a great excuse for the past night, he suddenly changes his desire, & # 39; When we were here last year, we got a red card and nobody thought about it. Probably it was red, yes.
Indeed, what is Liverpool (players, fans, managers) and always thinking that they are done hard at ?!
I thought Jose is always the biggest deflector, but Klopp and this side of Liverpool are there when it comes to polluted parties.
And still the media is coming up.
He's I suffer and I can not wait until his bubble becomes successful and 2014 is again.

Agreeing with the Liverpool fan
It's not often (especially with Recently) I can agree with the Liverpool fan of anything that's wrong only with a football . Anthony Taylor was bottled completely on the biggest call at night.

Sterling was not punished because Robertson's rugby is in the criminal box. This would have suspected the game and I did not want to go out and buy the Just For Men bottle in the morning.
Alex, Zurich

Man City v Learpholl
-Beap Liverpool's result but not a disaster that they provide accordingly.

– Which game in which the level of technical and tactical fun was shown in another world. The City Center made the difference. Fabinho should have compared to Henderson or Milner much earlier than the Liverpool play in the final third.

– Sorting of understanding that Klopp did the middle park he made. He wanted a lot of energy and running. But it seems that Henderson just lost.

– I can see both sides of the argument around tackling Kompany. Initially, he left the ground but his traffic on the grass immediately before the impact. Fine edge, etc.

– Agüero must love to see the Lovren name on the staff sheet. Kun can consistently reach the space between themselves and the aisle whether it is on the left or right.

– What was the Argentinean strike! As a commentator in a hurling game I was watching yesterday, he almost took off his flies.

-Nov Lovren is good enough to start a team that turns the series and CL. He would do a job for someone like, I do not know, United. Get rid of Joe Gomez early

– Leroy Sane is very fast,

– Firmino's play makes me want to be funny … Ask me to get the idea.

– He did not look at a lot of City It was interesting to see how important Fernandinho was last night. Play break up.

– Do some of the oral scrambles have a worst or worst goal in the last week? No specific games can now be remembered, the Jobbox may help me.

– Football is a good craic
Alan, Córdoba.

So much for bl00dy dynasties I thought the game quality was last night quite poor.

The future managers were able to show how well their opposition was, both of them calling the world's best team & # 39; Another, the result of the two teams was of great respect. Yes, Liverpool and the City have an amazing press but some of the capable and technically competent players are around the world. Ask the singles separately how you put pressure on a team and say that you create options for pass and play around it, then use the space behind it. This is probably better with the deep protection that is often taken with 10 men behind the ball, just because the space is available if you have the ability to use it. It is crucial to play with the trust. You have to take the press, pull a player, write it off and move it, or hit it with the dribble, or simply create the way for a pass to go around the press. The two teams looked too scared to attack the other, and later the ball was back over and over until he finally went to the GK and then dropped it down.

There should be a high chance of eight games, followed by a great safety – First-war war. Both teams are desperate to keep their shape and try and capitalize on an opposition error. I dare say it, it was like Mourinho-like.

At the moment, the Liverpool team announced, I felt that the game had run over at PSG. On that day, Klopp accepted the first safety approach made by Gini, Hendo and Milner and he looked for no inventions or ideas. It is a team to run around and it is difficult to break it down but it does not have the intention to attack through the middle and provide the service for the 3. Statement on how we play. You can get it away against the Union's largest opposition to territory and for defense depth. But this game, with the best technique, needs to be the best players playing on top of their game to attack a major defense system.

We came into the game with an amazing form and top of the series. Meanwhile, a string in the title race was hanged at the same time and in the worst kind of Guardiola regime. This was at the moment to repeal the staff.

I think Klopp made satisfaction with the first safety approach this first season. We still have to find that balance between chaotic attack and mature protection right.

At least, that is what he thinks …
Ed Ern

A long ghost reader here. In my opinion, the scousers should feel great about the game last night if the result is not. I should say that I am a fan of Man Utd. But unlike many other reds who can not decide whether they prefer to achieve the title (eg Gary Neville once said "it's like choosing two pictures to tell your wife" ) I definitely know I'd like to see anyone but Liverpool to win it and even went to City last night.

So I decided, Liverpool would play the game well and everything went to the City way. Think about it. Mane bounces on the job and does not go along with the Sane shot, which could be harder. Liverpool should play against 10 men following the collapse of typical Stone concentration and tackling unprotected companies. Then Aguero will cease a goal from anything from a weaker angle in a weaker way. In addition, the second line also had two chances of cleaning off the line. And yet, it was a City that they met hardly. Klopp has a very good side. There is no question only if they can handle the pressure now.
Victor (only 16 points out of the crop now. Anything that can be done) Manchester

19659004] One must mark 9 points in Mark except Robertson's head. The man has 5 & 10 of Scottish steel and I'm not sure I suddenly saw him remain in a challenge.

I'm just wondering if Mark was completely fine if Fernandinho wiry into him and hit him in the back of the head at full speed.

Even secretly Robertson felt clearly hurt one. It is completely entitled and corrected to stay down and so it should be like you do not like blows to the one.

Unhappy opinion
Theo, LFC, Liverpool

the dark arts
On the Etihad last night, we saw a spectacular exhibition of the dark and most artistic arts items dark.

Vincent Kompany has disappeared (not the first time this season) is a huge team and has to make a second decision – try to tackle Salah or pretend to be free of charge. The worst thing is that you do not deal with yellow and red but the rules are the rules. The referee has decided to make. While Kompany Sheriff of Beswick – we all know – and he is breaking down both Salah and Anthony Taylor, hitting a bad opponent's eye to make the call – of course, the best way possible. He knows that Lovren is carded for something that is not just a deep yellow border. Yellow comes out properly. He then patrolled his penalty area such as his monastery and gives a vital leadership of his team within five minutes after the Firmino goal. He is in the autumn of the career, but Vinny showed that he has left a couple of huge games. It lasted a difference last night and if he never left the City, the queue for services slower than he was, aging, he would like to do the first of all the records.

On the other hand, Andrew Robertson takes the coirboy approach. The way it traverses over Sterling is the penalty box – but it seems that anyone looks even. The clear penalty (much less chargeable than the Kompany red card) immediately expires our collective memories. Just as he did in the semi-finals of the Champions League at Anfield, he got out with the shortest places inside the penalty area without even seeing anyone. While Kompany imposes and laughs after the post-match interview, Robertson's stealth is the interview. He gets up, who plays and plays sweet smiles. It's also very effective, and it takes off the prison on an ongoing basis.

These players represent the exceptional artists – and contrast them – a body tongue dirty. Both players use their reserves and the pursuit of the field (especially with Kompany) that flows across slopes. It is one of the tricks to have the skills of defendants.
Mark Meadowcroft

Next season Overseas can push them!
Do I have the only FAO fans in the world that could be Liverpool won the series than the City?

Do not worry, I'm not really happy but despite the age competition, I look forward to Liverpool as part of an old age club that has been built on an ongoing basis success and faithful fan base, like United.

The city is only the gaudy nouveau-rich neighbors who have enough money but no class. The 4×4 white Audi are the classic Jaguar classic Liverpool racing. They have great performance etc, but there is nothing that someone else can only buy with lots of money. The situation of the model is not older, more filtering that returns in a way due to its permanent class.

The success of the City aims to do nothing more than the dirty oil (which is very effective and effective) money. They are slightly more than a mutual money laundering operation for one of the most suspected regimes. I would like, on one, that a real football club (though our oldest competitor) is to see this season.

Next season next, Ole can push them!

Social media and the internet have read the way we read and talk. Its advantages (the mailbox) and its twitter (twitter) but these are generally broader than the way in which sentences and terms are used far beyond being used much wider than They're really big. It is an example such as "Fraud", which uses many in a completely meaningless way, when a manager is going through a bad baby. However, the one that has been widely used in recent weeks has been "bottling it".

It's a bottled spurs losing Wolves. When Leicester won the series in Dublin, Spurs also won the bottle and has a bottle in Liverpool if they do not get the title of this season.

This is a rubbish and completely framed as a result of two things. 1) Going a great place before a final loss. b) Where there are results in the football calendar.

For example, Spurs have recently ran an excellent run and won 8 out of 9 games and the style has been a great deal for a couple of past games. Then these media frames because Spurs is a title charge. Then, when a game tired squad defeats a very good Wolves team, rather than putting it backwards as an expected final loss, it is considered to be the team's fans. However, this only happens where the fixtures have fallen. Had Spurs Won 4 lost 2 won it 4, the term bukers would never apply.

The genre is classic than Liverpool was in the bottle of title 13/14. It is easy to see why. The slide, being going to the destiny, become hands. But Liverpool fans will let you know that the case is only. In the second half of that season, Liverpool's record was:

P19 W15 D3 L1

They took 48 out of 57 points and you could have 3 more points. In other words being champions, 51 out of 57 points, one of the best in the club's history. You can say that they were bottled because their efforts were in their hands, but the best thing was that they lost the team that would be the Premier League events the next season. Again, everything is the time. If that game happened in January, Liverpool's team was the story that was a glorious charge that took place just off the time to win the series. Because it came in April, they have bottles.

It's very easy to say, when you are in a strong position and you will not finish bottling, but it is not fair. In football you will sometimes lose. You will get bad results. You meet points. If this does not happen during the season, you should not determine whether you are bottled.

The first half of the season in Liverpool has been amazing. One of the best in football history was top flights. It is not reasonable to expect them to match in the second half.

They may lose the title, they may only be if they do not bottle, they will not match it earlier
Mike, LFC, London

Another mailbox, another wave of asinine allegations on "bottling". The phrase lost every meaning. Use it to apply for a Devon Lake-style infection, but it seems to be applied now to any case in which people want a gloat or do not want to decide.

Taylor did not "bottle" the card. In real time, he saw a player who goes away with the ball and made a minimum touch. His decision was implied, even if you disagree with his essential interpretation of the law. Was the "bottle" the penalty call against Roberts when he was sterling to the ground? It may not have been so clear in real time as he was watching TV …

Liverpool has nothing but "still bottled". They are clear with four clear points. They still lost only once, after they were away to each of the top 5. Against current current Camps, they may have a point or three that were born on another day. If I had Klopp, I would like to inspire the performance, if it was not the result, as Liverpool showed. This is the first time in 93 games that Pep staff had less than 50%. Against any other team they will play like that. Heavily "bottled" it or shows a team who is experiencing step stories. They were 1.25cm away from being in good control.

I saw the same cause to be translated by Spurs. We "bottles" because we lost our third game in six days over Xmas. We played four games in 9 days and the only 6 teams were running such a penalty schedule, but only one team took more than we had over the period of the day. A few weeks ago we were accused of the "Bottling" series against Chelsea because the game had a 12-stop stopping through a 1-0 impact away to West Ham. What is bottled that I'm not sure. We had 10 points behind Conte's title at Christmas – 7 behind when the series was up.

The talk "bottled" is just tedious. For the sake of love, let it know.
Dan James – Happy New Year. Bah Humbug.

You will not go alone, unless you are Lovren or Moreno
After reading the earlier mailbox and also comments from the Guardian's matching report (sorted by The most likely recommendations are the most agreed comments) 19659006] – Lovren does not seem to always be in Liverpool fans. You're not alone walking, if you are not Lovren or Moreno eh? I have nothing against Liverpool, on the contrary, I like Klopp, I like Liverpool and hopefully to get some money from this season. But the vitriol aimed at their own players is just affordable. It is clear that light psychology, global comments and Lovren's not-for-profit season are constantly trying to build confidence and be optimistic and positive. What's wrong with that? I can understand if the opposition fans are taking the piss, but fans themselves … I bet that the players continue with the internet as well. Have never ever thought that it is the reason why they have made mistakes because of a breakdown or two, if they get huge abuse from their own fans who interfere with their confidence? Lovren is very good for his country after all. There are also large double standards. Sterling Booing because he was not loyal to his team and wanted to leave and the next breath they wanted Lovren and Karius did not play on the team with vitriol and abuse. Before the Liverpool fan goes on to me, I know that other staff do it too, but I have realized that it has been more in the team over the last year, probably because of high media exposure. And because you are proud of being behind the team, be loyal to your club and players.

However, the rest of the season ahead. There is a very happy shingle like Klopp, Guardiola and Pochettino fighting on top of the game. One of them rarely offers dishes after losing the people, blaming the officers or having their own players under the bus. I hope Spurs will keep their performance levels up and so it would be through a horse race, although I think they will come to a third third.
Matti Katara, Helsinki

Small edges, large conclusions
Dear The editor was,

all the time, etc., the first time etc. . To write about growing growth with something that can not be avoided regardless of where you will find your football priorities: the full concept of football and stories and, in particular, the drawing of significant conclusions from marginalized tiny.

The latest example is, of course, the finalists' clash of ties, with the victory of the City that commented both commentators and pundits as a master class (on a note note, this phrase has never been used to Describe another team as much in the City?) and a definitive tactical result for Guardiola against Klopp. Although I can admit it freely that Klopp was a bit wrong with the center too overwhelming, I'm not sure I've ever seen a clearer example as a result of the consolidation of the analysis. Even more than usual, the game in which both teams were equally compatible, and that the margins were so generously genuinely, that it might have gone in some way, asking the question about whether if the game's reading would have a slightly different result. In fact, would a final minute dresser for Liverpool have drawn a series of conclusions that were very different to the game as a whole? I think the answer is most likely.

This is not a complaint, but more than observation. Of course, the goals of the leading currency are and are made, so the story will change naturally towards a victor. But is the knee jumper, and such peripheral events tend to drive such decisive conclusions, not a bit ridiculous? An bhfuil bealach ann chun anailís a dhéanamh ar pheile gan é, nó an bhfuil sé mar thoradh dosheachanta ar ár n-obsession le hyperbole, rud a chiallaíonn go bhfuil brí i ngach rud, chomh maith le dea-scéal a tharraingt siar? Tar éis an tsaoil, is cineál siamsaíochta é peile os cionn gach rud eile.

Is mise,
David (guí ar Joe Gomez) Londain

Ar imoibrithe kneejerk
is cosúil go n-athraíonn daoine a n-amharc ar fad agus go gcuirfí scéal ar fhoireann bunaithe ar an toradh is déanaí, ach is cosúil go gcuireann sé neamhaird ar an gcomhthéacs ar fad. Chaill Learpholl go mór leis an bhfoireann is fearr i Sasana (b'fhéidir san Eoraip) agus go tobann, tá daoine ag scríobh isteach sa bhosca ríomhphoist ag éileamh nach bhfuil gá le 'bratphort chompord' Milner, Gini agus Henderson a bheith ag teastáil uait "Beagnach i gceachtar treo agus d'fhág sé an fhoireann a bhí ró-síneadh ina gcuid cluichí beaga deiridh." A gcuid cúpla cluichí is déanaí? Ciallaíonn tú an 5-1 vs Arsenal, 4-0 vs Newcastle, 2-0 vs Wolves, 3-1 vs Man Utd, 1-0 vs Napoli agus 4-0 vs B'mouth (d'fhéadfadh sé a choinneáil ag dul) ina bhfuil siad scóráil 19 agus thug sé 2 aitheantas duit? Ní raibh an chuma orm ró-shásta, ach amháin b'fhéidir ag amanna i gcluiche Arsenal ach gur cluiche oscailte é sin a bheadh ​​i gcomhar le Liverpool. Bhí sé ríthábhachtach ag na trí ghillean sa lárpháirc ardán láidir a sholáthar agus iad a chur i gcosaint agus ag ionsaí, go háirithe Milner a bhí thar a bheith dúshlánach le cúpla bliain anuas agus tá sé suas ann leis na babhtairí is fearr sa chluiche ag an nóiméad, agus Wijnaldum a bhí an-séasúr seo i lár an pháirc. I gcoinne Arsenal, ceann de na cluichí beaga a bhí acu, d'fhéadfadh go mbeadh WTNNNMMUS go héasca tugtha ar MOTM thar Firmino, fiú lena hata, is é sin a thionchar i lár na páirce. Is féidir liom an argóint a thuiscint maidir le háit a chur in ionad Hendo le Keita nó Lallana (má thagann sé ar ais go foirm) chun bealach níos forásacha a thairiscint sa lárpháirc ach ní sin a rá nach bhfuil post éifeachtach ag Henderson.

An chúis a cailleadh Liverpool Ní raibh an oíche mar gheall go raibh siad bunaithe mícheart go deonach nó mar gheall ar roghnú foirne. Chaill siad toisc nach raibh cumaisc ann. Bhí sé soiléir ó na chéad nóiméad nuair nach bhféadfadh siad 2 sreabhadh a chaitheamh le chéile ag cur an liathróid ar ais go dtí an Chathair, le cúpla nóiméad anuas nuair nach bhféadfadh siad an liathróid a chur ar cheann Van Dijk sa bhosca Cathrach. Leis an ionsaí deiridh den chluiche Lovren, le himeacht ama ar an liathróid, déanann sé píolán díreach a chur as a dhroch chos go Van Dijk ón líne leathbhealaigh seachas uillinn oibre a sholáthar. Ba iad na seinnteoirí is comhdhéanta i Dearg an oíche dheireanach ná 3 de Liverpool ar ais 4 (buille faoi thuairim an t-aon rud eile). Bhí sterling ag Robertson ina phóca ar feadh na hoíche agus léirigh sé ceann fionnuar chun an liathróid a tharraingt siar thar an sprioc go Firmino. Athraigh Trent an liathróid sa dara leath, liathróid iontach chun Robertson a fháil sa chúlfhost don sprioc agus Van Dijk, ach rang íon. Bhí fadhb i Learpholl ar cheann meabhrach gan aon oirbheartaíochta, agus a thuiscint mar gheall ar mhéid an chluiche, ar chaighdeán an fhreasúra agus an atmaisféar sa staidiam. Ach a bheith soiléir, ní chiallaíonn sé sin gur foireann lag meabhrach é Learpholl. Ní shainíonn duillín amháin foireann …
Iain (… Fan nóiméad) Baile Átha Cliath

Raheem Sterling
Bhí sé ag súil go mór le 16 Conclúidí F365 tar éis a leithéid de comhartha iontach aréir. Ansin chuaigh tú agus scrios tú é trí phointe 3 ag cur síos ar fheidhmíocht Raheem Sterling mar "iontach". Níorbh fhéidir leat resist a d'fhéadfadh tú. Bhí sterling bocht aréir. Rinne gach reáchtáil críochnaithe air agus é ag rith slí dall agus seilbh a chailliúint. Bhí a chríochnú tromchúiseach. Bhí a chinnteoireacht i bpríomhréimsí bochta. Fuaireamar go mbainfidh tú fuath ar chóireáil táblaigh Sterling. Déanaimid freisin, go hionraic. Ach ag baint úsáide as an leithscéal sin riamh a cháineadh riamh go bhfuil an dráma ag déanamh an ghá ar pháipéar ag an bpointe seo. Tá sé ag imirt go dona uaireanta, b'fhéidir go minic. Agus nuair a dhéanann sé cead duit é a chur in iúl gan aon duine ag smaoineamh go gciallaíonn sé sin go dtugann tú tacaíocht don chóireáil inghlactha de chuid an táblaigh aige . Go leor cheana féin, tá sé ag caitheamh na breathnóireachta fíor agus léargasach a dhéanann tú.
Mike, WHU










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