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How was Christchurch terrorist attack on social media

Indeed, the whole attack appeared to have been organized for the age of social media. Before it took place, it appeared that there was a job on the board of anonymous 8chan – a forum that was particularly lawful without the elements of racist and extremist jobs – previewing the horror. It linked to an 87-page manifesto filled with anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim ideas, and guided his Facebook page users to host the live stream. Apparently, the attack was happening on Twitter.

The attacks took place on the Christchurch site, New Zealand, which seemed to have struggled to recover from a devastating earthquake which had brought thousands of buildings down and killed almost 200 people in 201

1. city ​​very much after that event. Migrants largely rehabilitated mainly, many people hired to rebuild the city. New Zealand's Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, said that after shooting many of those directly affected are likely to be migrants or refugees.

But this attack was far more than that influx in Christ. This related to the rise of online white supremacy and the power of social media in the dissemination of this message.

Hate web-guided

At first glance, it seems that "the proclamation" of the shooter for those who were killed in white nationals such as Anders Breivik, a terrorist in the far south Norway brought attacks 2011. Indeed, the writer refers to Breivik.

But this document is distinctive about sarcastic language, red slips for any trip and compatible with online meme culture, advocating the evolution of nationalist hatred.

  Family members after shooting
In an article that was widely shared on Friday's Bellingcat website, journalist Robert Evans gives his attention Many white surveyors are in the document reference points which are probably an accurate reflection of the shooter's views.

"But this manifesto is a trap, set for journalists who are searching for the meaning behind this terrible crime," said Evans. "There is truth, and valuable tips on radicalization of the shooter, but it's been under a lot, because of a lack of better word, 'shitposting'."

In other words, the whole thing could be described as one major exercise in murderous registration.

Take another example. Before the attack, the gunman told its online audience subscribed to a PewDiePie YouTube channel, which has 89 million trailers on the platform. PewDiePie, Swedish gaming gaming whose name is right as Felix Kjellberg, has promoted alt-right themes in the past and attracted criticism on YouTube's anti-Semitach channel.

The reference to Kjellberg had two effects, Elizabeth Lopatto writes on The Verge. Kjellberg had little choice but to expel the Christchurch attacks. "He heard news of the terrible reports from New Zealand Christchurch. I feel this person is very impressed with this name. My heart and thoughts go out to the victims, families and everyone which is affected by this tragedy, "
  What is the most common part of the right terror with ISIS

[19659010] But in criticizing potential criticism for the atrocity to inspire, he is forced to draw attention to him, says Lopatto. If anyone lost their 17 million trailers before his job, they knew very much afterwards, she writes

Says Lee Jarvis, co-editor of Critical Studies on Terrorism, that there is space to people with minority beliefs to connect with other similar people in a way that can normalize their view of the world.

"There is a concern that these thoughts depend if a small number of people with similar ideas are more legitimate and more prevalent than they really are," Jarvis says.

This fact adds that many internet checks, references and memes on the internet indicate that many white supremacists are radicalized together to do each other online.

This manifesto gives superior credentials also sarcastically as the Dragon's Spyro and Fortnite, and causes the invasion of attackers – it seems to belong to the common view that not only radicalized effect by a violent gaming culture.

"I doubt that video games play a direct role in terrorist attacks," says Jarvis. "But the incredible culture that no one consumes creates how they go about their daily lives."

Certainly there was a gaming culture present in undertakings and styles Friday murders – the charming gun in the shot was a reminder of the first person shoot em up games.

A tool for terrorists?

Social media has been co-opted by terrorists in recent years. In 2013, the Westgate shopping center in Nairobi, Kenya, was enjoyed by Al-Shabaab militants. By posting updates as the militants opened fire to shoppers, they took control of the story from the media and viewers.

In January 2015, a terrorist who described four at the kosher market in eastern Paris recorded the attack on GoPro Camera, according to a US intelligence officer. He tried to put the video on email before the police killed him.

"Terrorism is political violence, so the terrorists needed to always get publicity to influence political change," says Adam Hadley, director of the Tech Against Terrorism, a group that works on behalf of the t UN to support the global high-tech industry

"They need an audience – the most influential people will always. They could have traditional media. become a large-scale social media platforms. "

  Banners exhibit banners from a multi-denominational group; during vigil at New Zealand House in London.

After an attack on Friday, Mia Garlick, spokesman for New Zealand Facebook, said videos like Christchurch were shot down from the platform.

"New Zealand Police told us that there was a video on Facebook shortly after the livestream got started and we put Facebook and Instagram accounts of the guitarist and the video off quickly," said the spokesman.

But, after the attacks, CNN's

Tom Chen, professor of cyber security in City University in London, could notice that the European Commission was pressing social media companies "propaganda" Terrorist is lowered within your hour. " There are threats to future fines for non-compliance, "as most of the distribution occurs within the first two hours of uploading a new video," he adds.

  Christchurch lax highlights the coal control laws of New Zealand

Chen says that platforms feel like Twitter and Facebook are automated software to remove those materials. "If the terrorist video is like a video game, it would be very difficult for the automated ranger to tell the difference between the terrorist video and the video game that said," he says.

For others, the idea of ​​changing those technologies or vetting would be a violation of our freedoms.

"This was raised in debates about the live broadcast of suicide," said Jarvis. "On the one hand companies are responsible for how people use their technology. The flip side is a concern about censorship and who is vetted and how they are vetted."

People can use technology such as cars to harm others, Jarvis adds, but laws have been put in place to promote their safe use. "It depends on how much risk we are willing to live with."

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