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How to get involved with Game of Thrones – quickly

Thrones Game is almost back after nearly two years from the air. This is a long time for any TV show, but it is extremely challenging for a series which is renowned for its great character, representing stories, and a complex plot. What else would you expect from a show of 4,228 pages of George R.R. Martin (and counting, in theory) the book?

Luckily, the internet is full of resources to come up for the premiere of Sunday's final seasons. We've rounded off the best of them here, for everyone from an old doctor Thrones to summer children who have a fresh face. (Don't panic, league newcomers. You will find that reference soon enough.)

Photo by Helen Sloan / HBO

I just want to renew

It was a while, and though Thrones last season or so there were only a few key stories, there has always been much progress, and quick confusion

  • Watch “The Dragon and the Wolf.” ] To view selected episodes at your own time, you will need physical media (all previous seasons are available on DVD and Blu-ray) or will streamline access via HBO or a party like Amazon. A good place is the finale in season 7 to start if you want to remember where we left. It is less than a legend for season 8, spending most of the time setting a table for the fireworks (and probably the ice works) to come.
  • Repeat Season 7 The game Game of Thrones has grown and YouTube is full of helpful videos to remind you where everyone is and what they are doing. This animated series back from White Animation is one of my favorite, covering most of the main characters and the main plot points accurately but with some humor. Plus, there are only three and a half minutes. 10 Cram Film seasons are recreated on 10 occasions, but it gives a much more comprehensive picture of what happened last season.
  • Wikis . When in doubt, check Wikipedia or the Wiki game which has a very deep reconstruction of individual episodes and the entire seasons.
  • Just watch the season 7 again . This is not technically “quick” but there are only seven episodes in the previous season, which means that you should be able to do it quickly before the premiere of Sunday night's evening 8. If you want to ensure that you do not lose one plot point, it is the favorite bet.

Photo by Helen Sloan / HBO

I stopped looking at some back season

We get it. You gave up the show, but you hate to lose the lucky. You are probably familiar with the basics, as are the main characters, but depending on when you stop watching, probably changed a lot in Westeros. This is how to go back quickly.

  • Who is alive? The first thing first, you will want to know who the people are still standing going into the final season and what they are doing. The time of the current batch of survivors is very comprehensive and succinct.
  • Abstracts Wikipedia. Wikipedia has comprehensive summaries of all episodes, but individual episodes are too long. (If you had that time, you would like to read the books, amirite?) You would like the specific pages for each season, which give more concise summaries of a section of the main events, which are perfect for trimming to find out what you lost.
  • Key episode. If you want to dive a little deeper, there are plenty of online guides that list the key events and justify why they are to be viewed, including this five-incident guide at Polygon the 10- list of episodes from Screen Rant or more comprehensive Vox . Pick up where you left off and capture the important ones there, or watch them all if you have forgotten everything.

Photo by Helen Sloan / HBO

I never saw Game of Tons

So you refused this much despite all the hype, or b & # 39; you may just woke up a hundred years of magical descent. Welcome to today! Apparently, you are curious about this game which shows people talking about it. I will be honest: you are starting your catch up late. But this is your best shot:

  • Full-show summaries. There is no perfect way to compress more than 67 hours of content in such a small time. The best bet you have is to watch a section of the full series that repeats on YouTube, as this is one that lasts an hour long from Screen Junkies, or ScreenCrush's 12 minute minute head.
  • Wiki . Less useful for occupation under binge, but all these lists and other instructions may wear strange terms, phrases, places and character names. Keep the Game wiki of Thrones convenient for quick consultation about which house is.
  • Wiki summaries and key episodes
  • See previous section. These scenes are a good place to reach out to the series. You only need to read and watch to improve.
  • See the full show. Depending on when you start, if you take zero breaks between this and the premiere, you can watch almost all programs. I would not fully recommend this, but at least it is a potential strategy. But you might want to start with right now to expect you to do in time.

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