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How the Democrats' White House meets high tech people

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren has taken the most difficult line against the high-tech industry, calling on the federal government to reduce and separate industry giants such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google. | Drew Angerer / Getty Images Technology

The attacks and suspicions of significant Silicon Valley democrats are a major cultural change in the party.

The latest fight of Elizabeth Warren on Facebook about is the latest piece of evidence that takes place at the Democrats to see the big technology companies as enemies of the progressive program, rather than the allies they once were.

Warren's complaint last week that a huge horror came from a remarkable democracy just a few years ago, when Barack Obama's public appearances were with CEOs as Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey on Twitter are typical for a party who wanted to encourage appeal to young tech voters.

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But there is a much different message in this year's Democratic presidential area – from complaints Bernie Sanders about Amazon's pay and tax avoidance to Amy Klobuchar's promise to enact data privacy laws.

The technology industry from the Progressive Democrats represents a major cultural shift in the party – and it is a major threat to Silicon Valley's political influence with liberals who may be politically motivated by high-tech but differs from the industry's fundamental issues regarding privacy, business practices and taxes. The risk to the industry is that the next president could seize policies that undermine the technology baseline, from acting for stronger action on resistance to curb government contracts for companies that are unwilling to change their routes. .

Klobuchar presented the theme at the start of his campaigns, during the speech announced in February when she stood in blowing snow in Minneapolis.

“For a long time the tech companies are telling you‘ Don't worry! Your back is back! 'While your identities are being stolen and your data is determined,' a senator of Minnesota said.

Even Cory Booker, Stanford's step closely associated with Silicon Valley, used a recent NPR interview "We need to ensure that we must be accountable for their actions," he said.

About the dozen or so prominent Democrats who are taking steps towards the White House, half have a half of the US high-tech industry, talking about the campaign trail about greater enforcement against robot, under stronger privacy regulations and other movements to check the power of Silicon Valley. 19659009] If Democracy hits the White House from President Donald Trump, the high-tech industry could be the target of serious efforts to make what Pete Buttigieg did – the 37-year-old mayor, South Bend, Ind. White House l – technology is called “the entire Wild West environment”

The risks to the industry are real, even if only one president has limited capacity to restrict the industry by executive action only. The Oval Office would still be a hazard for ralcing allies on Capitol Hill, the way Obama made health care and Trump's taxes. A high-tech president could use the White House as a bully quilt to charge regulators to impose fines and counter corporate mergers.

Warren has taken the most difficult line of all, calling for the federal government to reduce and separate industry players like Amazon, Facebook, and Google. “Balance the power in our democracy to restore, promote competition, and ensure that the next generation of technological innovation is as vibrant as the last, it's time to break up our high-tech companies,” write she in this blog

Massachusetts senator later named Facebook after POLITICO had reported that Warren advertisements were equipped by a social media company while trying to break it out. , but Warren said the program did not emphasize the need for a "social media market not under a single commander."

Texas Republican Sened Ted Cruz took a public side alongside Warren in that dispute – a rare incident highlighting the disingenuous dual appeal of advanced technology. / POLITICO Voting earlier this month that the quasi-equivalent plurality of Democrats and Republicans agreed with the statement, "Technology companies and the federal government have too much power"

However, the posture is very popular particularly on the left side of Democrats. "Because monopoly business takes place online, it does not mean that it is good," tweeted Monday night, in response to the same POLITICO, "goes a progressive firework." Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (DN.Y.)

Trump has taken his own shots at high technology, convincing companies like Google and Twitter that They are biased against the keepers and branding Amazon "monopoly no-tax."

But the high-tech industry is growing under the policies of Trump in the main, benefiting from its wide deregulation loop and enjoying the line from changes in tax code, such as a reduction in the rate of corporation tax on holdings brought to the United States from abroad.

By contrast, the Democrats call for their party to be named so that they will want to adversely affect technological abuses. Gabbard's Tulsi representative from Hawaii announced her own White House candidacy by calling on the need to “resist intellectual agencies and large high-tech companies that lift our civil liberties and freedoms in the name of national security and the characteristics of corporations.” T [19659032] Sanders, who declared his offer in White House in mid-February, has been against Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos over everything from the pay the company pays to its workers for its low aggregate tax. While Trump has raised this issue in the context of veiled threats against Bezos' Washington Post, Sanders has just tackled Amazon tax minimization efforts.

"I think most of the Americans agree that it is somewhat absurd in that you believe in the case of Amazon's richest-owned company in the world that I made 11 billion profit last year and didn't pay you nickel in federal taxes, "Sanders said with POLITICO. "I don't think too many Americans have that sense."

(Amazon spokesman for POLITICO told, “Amazon pays all the taxes we have to pay in the US and in every country where we operate.”)

Buttigieg said to NPR that it was acceptable to technology companies Facebook continues when it does not relate to data privacy, calling it "one of the most important aspects of our citizenship, our lives and our society."

One exception to date is Texas's former conversation, Beto O 'Rourke, the latest Democracy competitor to enter the race, which remained largely criticized as criticism of high tech .

When O 'Rourke made an unsuccessful offer last year for a GOP Senate seat Sen Ted Cruz, his site asked campaigns But O' Rourke did not give high-tech companies their name, and it appeared to be more associated with Silicon Valley than some of its fellow candidates.

During Sena The fleeing, Oourke, was the largest person receiving individual campaign donations from staff in a number of high-tech companies, including Apple, Facebook, Google Parent Alphabet, Intel and IBM. He also spent more on Facebook ads than any other candidate in the national office in the 2018. cycle.

In his speech 2020 notice Thursday, technical talk was o & # 39; Rourke is limited to getting broadband to use rural areas for farming and education – and, for playing it, the ability to give all Americans “go on Tinder to get that special date.”

Mar However, there is a willingness to take so many Democrats on Silicon Valley something forward from Obama's enthusiastic acceptance to the high-tech industry, as he oversaw administration that worked closely with Google officials. Sheryl Sandberg was reported to have been widely on Clinton's shortlist to come to his Cabinet as an Exchequer or Commercial secretary

ki against scenes whose sunny party had a technology that may have been clearer than in a Zuckerberg was made during a high profile tour of the United States. two years ago. His coastal-to-coast visits devoted widespread speculation that Zuckerberg had his own designs to the Oval Office, although he always kept that he wanted to get a better understanding of the average Facebook user.

There was a wonders visit to South Bend, Ind., When he stopped with the Local Cup coffee shop and visited the former factory of Studebaker, the early iconic carmaker. A host? Mayor of the town and old friend Zuckerberg from Harvard, Pete Buttigieg.

Cristiano Lima helped with this report.

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