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Fortnite v7.40 Patch Notes – Share Love, Gifting, and more


#SeretheLove Valentine's Surprise
The answer we received on the wonderful #SharetheLove event. And with the advent of Valentine's Day, we are here to surprise more.

Everyone who completes 13 free Ragobair Challenge will be available on February 27 of the forthcoming Battle 8 Season Phases for FREE If you have a suit, you have the opportunity Get a good deal now for free. With the Battle Pass, you will find two Chocolate House 8 immediately and you can earn up to five more. Save your V-Bucks, this person is our ability!


Gifting – Limited Time
Gifting is back for a limited time starting now until February 22! And for Valentine's Day, you can send a Heartspan Glider to your special person for FREE until Friday, February 15 at 7:00 AM ET


Pedestrian Rifle
aim to deliver the delivery of accurate fire with this semi-automatic weapon.



As mentioned last week, we are continuing to rotate through LTMs at faster pace during the week going on. Details below are given below, check the client in the game on Thursday and Saturday to see what other methods are available!


In this way, all guns have been removed. Grenades are the only weapons and other items that can be spent or spent. Get in there and throw the enemies back to the lobby!

  • Grenades / items available:
    • Smoke Clips
    • Clingers
    • Remote Explosives
    • Port-a-Forts
    • Grenades Impulse
    • Shockwave Shrimp

Data Details:

  • Fund Losses and Spawns Floors set to 100.
  • Consumables can only be found with Stone, Floor Loot and Supply Drops.
  • Increase in Supply Dockets throughout the game
  • Faster circular times
  • Increased drop count


Two large teams fight for the Rólela Vote in mode active-packed with the first team [1969004] What's new?

  • Reduce the likelihood of a storm coming up near the center of the map.


Looking to earn a Free Season 8 Pass Pass? Starting with the release v7.40, complete 13 Free Ragobair Challenge by February 27 to get the Battle 8 Season Pass for FREE! In addition, 5 new remuneration unlocked, including Valentine Wrap and Vines Contrail to complete these Challenges.

And for current Battle Pass owners, the new styles will be incubable for the Trog, Powder, and Onesie garments.


  • Pedestrian Rifle
    • Available in Popular, Uncommon and Rare Changes.
      • Markets 41, 43, 45 damages. 2x headshot multiplier
    • It can be obtained from Loot Flooring, Checks and Sales Machines.
    • Medium Medium Sized.
    • Problems that are fast moving without limitation without damage.
  • Improvements to the consumable Bush
    • Now, any case attacks an army before being removed from the owner.
  • Manual Cannon
    • Epic Timing
      • Environmental damage reduced from 150 to 100.
    • Legendary truth
      • Environmental damage reduced from 157 to 105.
  • Rocket Launcher
    • He found a Discharge Radio for Supply Cocktails and Tunnels.
      • The Rocket Offshore Exploration
      • Increase the possibility of obtaining rocket conductor from Proof of Stocks from 25% to 50%.

      [19659019] An epic rise

      • Repeated pace increased from 2.66 to 3.42.
      • It is not available only from Sales Machines
    • Legendary truth
      • Replacement speed increased from 2.52 to 3.24.
  • Unvaulted
    • Clingers
    • Cros Cupid Sbow – Item Am Limited
      • Epic Statement
      • Ammo infinite
      • Damascus Bodyshot: 79. [19659019] Casual Damage: 197.
      • It can be found in Loot and Floor Plate
      • Has 1 environmental damage.
  • Vaulted

Fixes Bug

  • It set an issue that causes anti-missiles to make fire wrong when it focuses on other players from the scope of the -compact. [19659019] Arrange an issue that caused an explosive splash block to stop when the players did not really cover.


  • Pop-Up Settings Added to default playlists
    • We introduce a bit more changes to the default Fortnite playlist as a test. These sites looked at pop-up couples as a result of more attractive fights and allowing the players to gain more consistent remuneration of the risk of participation.
    • Based on the positive feedback we received during these Pop-Up cups, following the implementation of the following adaptations:
      • 50 Health (or Shield) based on your health when the End occurs .
      • 50/50/50 materials falling on Removal
      • 500/500/500 Cap on subjects
      • The harvest rate
    • increased by 40%] We will closely monitor the this change – play a few games and let us know what you think!
  • Manage the ability to break the Stormwing X4 through large structures and objects.
    • Small deletions will still be eradicated from direct hitting from X4 Stormwing.
  • Changes to Substances
    • Interventions now have mediation to tackle.
    • Immunity loss of drops of shillings.
    • Ziplines now has an audiovisual icon on
  • Changes to the Final Circular
    • Increase the 48% travel distance.
    • The time released was increased from 45 seconds to 75 seconds.
  • Computer, Mac, and console players can now crouch as they are in Edit Mode.
    • Gamepad players can control this game.
    • Note: This functionality is coming to mobile soon. ]
  • Turbo Building
    • Reduce the initial roster for the turbo building from 0.15 to 0.05.
  • He currently enabled the item to exchange the selected slot with a new item by tapping instead instead of interaction.
    • Added Extra UI Text to show players that they can use swap.
    • It is not available on contact input.
  • Floor traps automatically remove a floor piece if necessary. You need to have the necessary resources.
  • Logitech and Razer RGB perimperals will now respond when emotes are made.
  • Sneaky snowmen will be destroyed if they come from a high distance.
    • Stand on one Sneaky Snowman to [19709011]
  • Remove the HUD bar on the oversized mechanics on a minimal basis.
  • All Rocket Bottle sound indicators have been adjusted so that they are compatible with most of the sound effects.
  • Added to Rocket Bottle audio indicator for rocket explosion.

Fixes Bug

  • Aim, Help "Snap-To" Changes
    • Chuiramar compile time delay with the purpose that would help with "feature" flow while spaming Down Down Down button. All pressures placed after the first time will be delayed, up to 5 seconds, before the purpose is to help "snap-to" effect.
    • We make this change to prevent cases where players press Down Shight's button to spam on enemies, which meant that the transit was waiting for targets indefinitely.
      • This change should prevent the misuse of the lock mechanics while retaining the same sense of Attention. We will closely monitor feedback on this change.
  • He set out a question that Bottle Rockets would not align individual fauna angles.
  • The movement of Campfire Clogach does not restrict movement of movement
  • Prevent automatic reloading of weapons from emulsion.
  • He set a query that allowed caps to start the lab tunnel walls in Dusty Divot.
  • Automatic auto checks did not occur when it comes from skydiving land.
  • Set a query where a player moved without traps to the construction tool if they hit the button to equip traps.
  • He set out a question in which shorter items could be applied immediately after a television with Rift-to-Go that would hinder skydiving later. [19659019] He set up a question that would block a lying underground building.
  • He set a question where snowmen could be placed on the map to be invisible or on the map.


  • New Series of Play – Share The Love Series (Solo & Duo) [19659018] Available from February 14 to February 24
  • The participants competing across four shared competitions:
    • Open Division
    • Prospective Division
    • Contender Division
    • Champion Division

    [19659019] It will focus many points during any night sessions to find a pin to unlock the highest altitude.

  • He will earn pins during the Champion Division session to Round 2 – Championship Division Calendars
  • & Series of Love Granted & Sprays based on the highest achieved section, including Championship Championships.
  • Each division runs at the same time and divides the same tournament schedule. The full schedule for the server region can be viewed from the Event tabs.
  • New Contest – Trios One Day Cup & # 39;
    • Available on February 17
    • Take a couple of friends and join in the One Day Trios Cup, ranging from a full Open competition with a late final round with the best Tries in one day.
    • The competition took place across three rounds – hitting the beat during each round.
    • The full schedule for the server region can be viewed within the Event tabs.
  • Combinations can now be made throughout the different rounds, and players need to earn a pin to unlock the next round of the competition.
  • There are many competitions running at the same time.
  • Reduce the maximum competition time for the competitions from 5 minutes to 4 minutes.
    • This value limits how much time a player can compete for competitions before they prove the best possible game at that time.
  • Increase in the minimum number of players in competitions between 80 and 90.
  • Stream Mode can now be used during the fun of the competitions.
  • In-game leaders are now fully available in each region, for each tournament session. These can be found within the competition page by clicking on any tournament session.

    • Audio together when a squash is finished in the lobby.
    • The following audio improvements were made for Mobile / Platform Switch:
      • Enhancement of wind winding.
      • Add a greater variety of gunshot environmental impact.

    Bug Settings

    • It decided that only the Mobile / Switch only changed to the Air Horn

    • Stats v2
      • The ability to play your fun track all in one place and see it on each platform.
      • This includes the ability of mobile players and Switch to watch their stats in-game.
        • 19659019] All single limited time mode that breaks up stats.
      • Fans have recently been informed if an actor who has recently reported an action against their account.
      • When Storm was eliminated, instead of "You Deiminated yourself", the text now says "End of the Storm"
      • Considered and performed the Bad Dropping Indicator and improves the Combined Indicator Interface to ping badly, intensive to track.
        • The yellow represents poor status, red indicates serious status, red signs show
      • Slash commands were improved and rehabilitated in chat windows.

      Fixes Bug

      • Set a question in which you can switch between different tabs in the background if you were in the Player Feedback menu.
      • Map icon on the missing keyboard named Mac.
      • The information on a Battle Pass did not take place that is not properly displayed in the lobby in some cases.
      • He settled a question in which accounts and staffing names were eliminated


      True Settings

      • He successfully raised a question that created an animation of arms in a double where each shot is released in premises.


      • ] Returning Gifts for a limited period
        • The Gifting feature has returned for a limited time! You will be able to receive or get a presentation from friends until February 22

      Bug Fixes

      • It set a question that text bubbles triggered incorrect or double suggestions to appear in the lobby .


      • Putting a targeted selected selected button to let you edit without using the screen. This allows the player to be edited using their transfers, such as other platforms.
        • The button set out can edit the additional buttons section under the HUD Version Tool.
      • Change and Change Reset Buttons
        • Adding visual feedback with many mobile buttons to let your instant feedback better and help us more questions perceived better in the community.
          • 19659019] Now save the later saving support to the player's cloud.

          Bug fixes

          • Question with the message that blocked input when leaving a game.
          • He set up a question that causes some key widgets that incorrectly display mobile controllers.
          • Outward shift sets from disposable weapons are shorter than the equipped weapon.
          • Different issues have been set up with the Turbo Building or changing military switchover when a change in weapons or a change between Construction, Change, Competition
          • mode has set an issue with touch input causing controllers to stop responding when scrolling.
          • Many issues were resolved to support more controller hardware, as well as many fixed issues related to parts of the Entry that regulators could not properly deliver.

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