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Exclusive: What is expected from Sony's PlayStation Next-Gen

Mark Cerny wants to get one thing out of the way now: The videogame console that Sony has spent in the last four years is not just a upgrade.

A good reason would you think otherwise. Sony and Microsoft extended the current console generation through mid-cycle renewal, with the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 making exhaust sets (the Xbox One S and PS4 Pro). “The key question is,” said Cerny, “does the console add another layer to the types of experiences you already have access to, or if it allows fundamental changes to what a game can do.”

, This case is the second case. That is why we are sitting here, set aside in a conference room at Sony headquarters in Foster City, California, where Cerny is describing the work inside the non-anonymous console that will replace the PS4.

Senior correspondent Peter Rubin covers culture and technology for WIRED.

If history is a guide, it will now be called the Playstation. 5. Cerny currently responds to that question ̵

1; and many more – with an enigmatic smile. The “next console”, “repeatedly referring to it, will not land in shops at any time in 2019. However, some studios are working with it, and recently Sony accelerated its deployment. He did so on

as he did with the PS4, Cerny acted as the main system architect for the upcoming system, integrating the aspirations of developers and his own gaming hope into something much more revolutionary than evolution. For more than 90 million people with PS4, this is indeed good news. Sony has a brand new box.

A very real transfer usually involves some basic adjustments. A CPU console and GPU are more powerful, and are capable of delivering graphical loyalty and visual effects that cannot previously be achieved; system memory increases in size and speed; and that game files grow in harmony, which requires more downloads or high-capacity physical media such as disks.

PlayStation's next generation console adds all those boxes together, starting with AMD chip in the heart of the device. (Warning: soup follows the several alphabet.) The CPU is based on the third generation of Ryzen AMD line and has eight core Zen 2 7nm new microfinance of the company. The GPU, customized variants of the Navi Radeon family, will support ray tracking, a technique that shapes light travel to simulate complex interactions in 3D environments. While tracing is a staple d Hollywood visual effects and it is starting its way into $ 10,000 high-end processor, no game console is able to manage it. However.

Ray tracking benefits are mainly visual benefits. As it imitates the way light shines from object to object in sight, reflective surfaces and refraction through glass or liquid can be made much more precise, even in real time, leading to increased realism. According to Cerny, the applications go beyond graphical implications. “If you wanted to run tests to find out if the player can hear certain sound sources or if the enemies can hear the players' motto, then ray tracking is useful,” he says. “The same is the same as building an environment through the environment.”

The AMD chip incorporates a 3D sound unit designed by Cerny to redefine what sound can do in an exhibition. “As a gambler,” he says, “it was a bit frustrating that too much sound did not change between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. With the next console the dream is to show the sound difference that the audio experience can make. significant hardware hardware to be applied to it. ”

As a result, Cerny says that you will feel more immersed in the game as sounds come over them, from the west, and from the side. While there will be no external hardware required – it will work through TV speakers and video conferencing – it allows the “gold standard” to be a sound clone. for those who follow a virtual reality: presence the current feeling in a simulated environment. When he mentions it, I ask him about PlayStation VR, the peripheral system that sold more than 4 million units since the 2016 release. I specifically ask if there will be another PSVR to accompany the next console. “I won't go into the details of our VR strategy today,” he says, “overwhelmingly that VR is very important to us and that the current PSVR headset is compatible with the new console.”

So. New CPU, new GPU, the ability to deliver unprecedented visual and sound effects in a game (and possibly PSVR sequence at some point). This is wonderful, but there is something else that Cerny encourages even more. What he calls “real player,” which is more than anything else “the key to the next generation.” It's a hard drive.

More game – Last year Red Redemption Dead 2 gets hit with 99 gigabytes for toast horses for the PS4 – its length it takes all things to do. Last minute loading screens can wear while the game draws what it wants from the hard drive. The same goes on “fast travel,” when characters carry long-distance points in a game world. Even when a door is opened you can take a minute, depending on what is on the other side and how much else the game must load. Starting with the fall in 2015, when Cerny started talking to developers first about what they want from the next generation, he heard it several times: I know it's impossible, but the Can we have an SSD?

Solid state drives are available in budget laptops for more than ten years, and both the Xbox One and PS4 both provide external SSDs that claim to improve load times. But not all SSDs are created. As Cerny says, “I have a SSD in my laptop, and when I want to switch from Excel to Word I can stay 15 seconds.” This is a little more specialized thing that is built into the first Sony gene console

Illustration, Cerny goes up to play PS4 Pro Spider-Man to PS8 2018 not to work on it alongside Insomniac Games. (Not only a system architect; Cerny created a classic arcade Marble Madness when he was all 19 and was heavily involved in PlayStation and PS2 franchises as Crash Bandicoot, the Dragon Spyro, and Ratchet and Clank. ) The TV, Spidey stands in a small plaza. Cerny puts a button on the controller, starting a fast-moving screen. When Spidey changes a completely different presentation in Manhattan, 15 seconds have elapsed. Then Cerny does the same for the next generation connected to a different television. (The devkit, an early “low speed” version, is concealed in a large silver tower, with no visible component.) What took 15 seconds now less than one: 0.8 seconds, to be accurate.

That's just one SSD consequence. The pace a world can make, so the speed a character can move through that world. Cerny runs two similar consoles, this time with the camera moving up one of the Midtown routes. On the original PS4, the camera moves around the speed that Spidey hits during web sliding. “No matter how you go as Spider-Man, you can't go faster than this,” says Cerny, “because it's as fast as we can get the data from the hard drive.” On the first console Another, the uptown camera speeds as it is located on a fighter jet. Periodically, Cerny breaks the action to prove that the surrounding environment is still crisp. (Although this next-graphic console will support 8K graphics, there is little to do with TVs that it delivers, so we're using 4K TV.)

This is a question that Cerny can't do Reply, as all these developers are still affected – but he sees that the SSD is releasing a completely new age, one that protects the trophies that formed the cornerstone of gambling. “We are very similar to logos that fly at the beginning of the game and with graphic-heavy selection screens,” he says, “even things like multiple lobbying and detailed loading processes for any business, as you don't want the players to stay. "

At the moment, Sony does not have the exact details about the SSD – it does, whether it uses the new PCIe 4.0 standard – but Cerny argues that it has a higher raw bandwidth than any SSD “The raw reading speed is important,” says Cerny, “but so are the details of the I / O [input-output] mechanisms and the software stacks we put on top. I added an SSD that would cost as much as the PlayStation 4 Pro – it could be one-third faster. ”Compared to 19 times faster for the next console, considering the fast-traveled exhibition.

As you noted, all this is a hardware talk. Cerny is not ready to chat about services or other features, without games and price not to mention, and Sony has no one. You won't hear much about the console at E3 in June-for the first time, Sony won't have a keynote speech at the annual games. But some other things come out during our conversation. For example, the first gene console will still take physical media; it will not be a downloading machine only. Because it is partly based on PS4 architecture, it will match games for that console. As with many other transfers from the generations, this will be a gentle one, and many new games will be released for PS4 and for the other console. (In the event that the upcoming title by Hideo Kojima is consistent with that process, it is not yet confirmed that a spokesman would be issued in the room to release the game for PS4, but Cerny's smile and pregnant break asks speculation) it is really a release of two platforms.)

No matter what debate on gambling in a year or two, let alone 10, it is a matter of debate. Multiple experiences are restored by battle-royale games; The increased reality discusses the amazing and real thing in unprecedented ways. Google is at the forefront of a traditional console by launching a gaming service, Stadia, later this year. It is likely that the next version of the Xbox of Microsoft will integrate cloud gaming to allow people to play Xbox games on multiple devices. Sony's plans in this regard are not yet clear – it's one of Cerny's biggest things to the mother, saying “we are gaming pioneers, and our vision should be clear as we move towards the address ”- but it's hard to think that no more news will come forward.

Currently the living room is there. It is where the PlayStation sits through four generations – and it will continue to generate at least one generation.

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