Rap Rap Album Of The Year at Grammys, Cardi B has a new music to give his fans a blessing. The rapper told Instagram today to announce that the Grammy winner has a new heat this week.

Cardi B and Bruno Mars will be releasing a new song later this week. Cardi jokingly said she has quit from Instagram and is ready to thank fans to more music. Cardi changed his Instagram earlier this week after winning Grammar. She did not let her know why she had put her down on Instagram but it was probably because of the social media that had been trolling after her victory.

"So much I'm back to quit to announce I have a new song that comes out on Friday at midnight at @brunomars. # Twogrammywinningartist," she took over the picture.

She did not clarify whether she was or Bruno's trail but they have a great chemistry with wax and so it is required to hit. The two cooperated on the "Finesse" reconciliation that Bruno had announced that he would be giving Cards on the trip as an opener. Unfortunately, she refused her head because of her pregnancy and Bruno replaced her four actions.

Keep your eyes for Cardi's new song with Bruno Mars falling on Friday.