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Brexit: Theresa May to Death Update Tuesday

  Theresa May

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Theresa May Deaths will be updated on Tuesday recently for Brexit talks and continues to seek support for its deal.

She visited Dublin and Brussels last week looking for an EU agreement on changes to the end ̵

1; the "insurance" policy to avoid border checks in Northern Ireland.

Last month's deaths – that Brexit Thursday debates – voting for the PM to find alternatives on the current cluster.

But the EU said they would not revive the withdrawal agreement.

Efforts continue to find an acceptable solution on both sides.

The Secretary of Brevard, Steve Barclay, will meet with a group of Deaths who are working on alternatives that could be done later, before they go to Strasbourg to hold talks with the EU. Michel Barnier's negotiator as the Brexit EU and UK negotiating team discussed planned changes to the debate.

The statement to the House of Commons Tuesday – a day earlier than expected – the exchange of letters continues between May Bean and Jeremy Corbyn.

The Labor leader wrote to PM on Wednesday with a list of five claims to ensure his party's support for his dealings, including a permanent customs union.

The prime minister met conciliatory tone in his overnight answer and said she was looking forward to meeting the two parties again "as soon as possible" to discuss ways ahead of Brexit.

But No. said 10 rejected any recommendations to remain in customs cooperation with the EU.

Some of the cabinet members did not accept the idea with the International Secretary of Trade, Liam Fox, asking for Mr Cole's proposal to "dangerously recommend".

The Labor leader said: "It is good to see that we agree that the UK should deal with the European Union and that the urgent task in hand is to find a deal that respects our commitments to the people of Northern Ireland, support Parliament and negotiate with the EU – without choosing a referendum or a second referendum. "

This is despite Mr Corbyn repeatedly saying that there should be a general election if May Bean can not deal through Parliament. He also had a pressure from some of his Deaths to meet another public vote on Brexit.

MP Labor David Lammy – who supports the "Vote of the People" campaign for a new referendum – said the May May letter "was clear that she did not expect to agree" with Mr. Corbyn's claims and said that his party should now campaign to make a fresh vote.

Tom Brake, spokesman for the Liberal Democrats of Anti-Brexit, said it was "surprising" that both leaders were starting to "deliver serious debates on disastrous Brexit together" 900 days after the EU voting leave.

He said: "It's time for Jeremy Corbyn to give up the letters and instead draw his attention to the Labor Party's policy and get behind the campaign for the Community Vote."

Does the letter cover political coverage?

According to Norman Smith, the political assistant of the BBC assistant

It may be a very different type of letter.

She could focus on her red lines: Not Extending Article 50. There is no other referendum. Not just with any customs union.

Instead, a letter is much more compromise and consistent.

There is a suggestion for Mr. Corbyn to accept the priority now that it should reach the Brexit agreement, rather than opposing general elections.

19659005] It was also recommended to acknowledge the change in the end.

And there are some movements of employment rights and a commitment to get more money for hard communities.

Even in the customs union – their shared area – More than the language of women in May, although its private states that there may be no question of accepting a permanent union union.

It is unlikely to be anywhere near enough to win Mr Corbyn.

But these Labor Deaths may be a holiday that supports constituencies, who are looking for political coverage to go back or block the May Bean deal.

What did the Labor ask – and how did the PM respond?

In her letter, Mr. Corbyn asked for five c [EN]

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Customs Union

The Labor Party asked "a permanent customs union and comprehensive across the UK "to introduce the EU to the deal, with the same external tariff.

He said he would say the UK about any future trading methods that could be achieved by the EU.

In response, May the political declaration said – the second part of its deal with an unrelated statement of the law regarding future relations between the United Kingdom and the EU – "expressly refers to union benefits customs ", no tariffs, fees, charges and restrictions.

  • The customs union explained
  • What is the European Union's customs union policy?

But, she said, lets the UK establish its own trade elsewhere.

Mrs Bealtaine wrote: "I'm not clear why you believe that it would be better to look for in the future EU trade deals rather than the ability to achieve our own deals"

But, she reassured her that "EU's sustainable trade" was "one of our key negotiating objectives".

Speaking in Switzerland, where Mr Fox has just signed up to see the country's trade with the United Kingdom on the same terms he does now, the Minister said that the idea was "not workable".

He said: "The idea is that we can have a customs union with the EU and, at the same time, as an outside country, have an impact on EU trade policy than it does not understand EU contracts.

"It is very clear from the European Union that EU non-EU members have no recognition of EU trade policy so that you can allow that you can do so because of each other. "

The Single Market

Mr Corbyn also wanted to promise for the United Kingdom to be aligned closely with the Single Market after leaving the EU," underpinned by institutions and shared obligations ".

The EU announced the EU as saying that the current deal deals with the nearest relative outside the Single Market.

She said:" I'm not sure what you mean exactly when you say shared institutions and obligations, but our staff can be explored. "

  • The single market

once again explained the EU's warning that only an unidentified trade can only be done only if the United Kingdom survives in the Single Market.

"This means accepting free movement, which made clarification made by the manifesto of the General Labor Elections 2017 or you do not support" irt yes

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Worker rights

Labor on the United Kingdom asked to remain in a position with the EU on rights and safeguards d & # 39; workers, Mr. Corbyn included a letter.

At this point, his wife, May, said that the government had already committed commitments to workers' rights, adding: "We are examining opportunities to provide more financial support for communities that feel behind."

This may refer to suggestions that earlier this month has been discussed by a group of Labor MPs in mostly Leaving Support constituencies, to allocate more money to their communities for projects major infrastructures.

The PM also said that while Brexit was always "unclear at the expense of workers' rights or environmental protections," he did not automatically support EU rules in these areas.

"Due to the importance, we believe that these decisions should be made in our Parliament through its elected representatives," she said.

But she confused Mr. Corbyn that the government had binding legal commitments without going back in these areas and are willing to consider legislation to bring those commitments into force in UK law.

EU Agencies

The Labor leader requested a commitment to participate in EU agencies and environmental funding programs, education and industry regulation after Brexit.

The Prime Minister said that the government supports participation in EU programs in a number of areas, as set out in the political declaration – including areas such as science and innovation, youth, culture and education, and development over read.

Mrs May also said that the government wanted to have the closest relationship with EU agencies in "regulated sectors", such as remedies and aviation, "subject to us being out of single market ".


Finally, Mr. Corbyn requested EU security agreements, such as access to the European Arrest Warrant database.

May said the government "discharges ambition for security settings".

She said that the political declaration made a confirmation agreement regarding the exchange of Data Record of Passengers, DNA, fingerprints and vehicle registration details and on arrangements "such as the European Arrest Warrant to give up suspicious and convicted people effectively and quickly . "

But, she said, there is a challenge, as a third country outside the EU, that there are restrictions on the ability of the United Kingdom to participate in a number of EU tools and measures.

The May Bean said: "The government does not believe it would be for the benefit of the United Kingdom or the EU and its Member States to reduce joint security capabilities.

" Work support for this post entering the next step, I hope, will send a powerful signal that the EU should review its position. "

The worker has yet to respond to the letter.

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