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Ariana Grande is the Rage-Tweeter – Variety only 2019

You know what happens at the end of every Grammar TV: Cue the outrage. Except, what will we do with snark reserves? Since this year, the number of winners was not embarrassing nor risible this year. As for the best team of veteran Grammy audiences to work up over any nominal weighing weights for almost all nominees. Where is the fun in rage-tweeting ?

If you were expecting something in Bruno's way to beat Kendrick in a brush, or with Adele mopping the floor with Beyonce (who was even mindful) disappointed that this Grammys would have to be. However, there were a few pick-ups that were encountered, unexpectedly or unexpectedly, at least if we do not need all. This is America, as Childish Gambino says, so we will try to find what participation we can do?

Snub: Mac Miller

Let's face it ̵

1; it's probably nobody but Ariana Grande looked for the rapper's album was late, however, hitting the behemoth that followed changing hip-hop-world Cardi B. But when you're pissed out of Grande, that represents a foreign 50 million alienation. And Grande transfered the edge over its own MIA status from the Grammar, which was caused by its own ownership or wound up. "Trash," she tweeted and then immediately deleted after winning the rap album. Socialist fans asked about it, she said that it was not meant to apply the term specifically to Cardi. "Nothing to do," replied Grande. "I'm sorry." I'm sorry. "In fact, voters here have been very difficult, and Chris Cornell is not really rewarding when Miller does not give the same. On the other hand, Cardi could be improved as sexuality in women breaking her place in denying history. Sometimes voting membership can not be won.

Surprise: Kacey Musgraves

It was a great time to say that I just got this one right on Goldderby.com … so think about it. But since I was in the minority, we feel surprised. The Album of the Year was nominated for eight in the first class, and seven of them had a case. (HER the only one who could say honestly that she was just happy to be named and left at that time.) Who would promise large amounts of money against Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Cardi B or even a dark horse who has recently won Brandi Carlile? Also, think of the number of times in the history that an album was won by anyone in the country record of the Year of the Year country. That would be twice: Taylor Swift "Fearless" said before the "Prospectus Introduction" after the former country of Dixie Chicks, with no 8-balls. Let him hear for Kacey at the wing, and hit the run at home even if the audience felt that those people were just a bit nervous.

Snub: Bjork

The social media anger over Bjork arising from recurrent album falls on the lower side of the scale. But he is unable to ignore it, since it goes into the real truth of Susan Lucci without the failure to achieve the nomination 15 th after the other. Beck made a fun album, but you have to be surprised how many voters can check but Beck, Beause Beck. It may happen, in some way or in another, but this year's women, it might be nice to see this category that would have a more predictable, more feminist turning, as well good. Honestly, Bjork was not on this one – "Utopia," although it was a fantastic moment, was not the greatest effort he did – but we have succeeded Saint Vincent in making us a valuable victory. destiny. (St. Vincent's wins for a rock song, and won the award "you will find a room, both" for her duet entertaining the show with Dua Lipa, so we will not lose too many tears because of their loneliness without to be noticed.)

Snub: Taylor Swift and Pink

Both of the best albums made of any kind were in the eligibility period, but their paltry nominations were wearing a lack of striking but still sad. It was wonderful that Year of the Woman entered as much less than a few names, but sad that it could not be extended to women that are very commercially massive as well as popular. Yes, this also extends to the unnamed Grande, although Ariana has been able to be happy in one of two of the only two categories, he did not have many major counterparts.

Snub: "All the Stars"

Even if the Kendrick and Kodrick playground and SZA were annually in the program and song of the categories of years – and with Childish Gambino, so nobody was there going to cut an anti-hip-hop bias in it – it should be possible to write the best song for the visual media. But in that category he was entering a bit known as "Shallow," the same obstacle he arrives at Oscars. Lamar has probably made the right call always waiting home this year, proud, though we can not help but I'd like to swallow and perform the show anyway. Of course, when the Academy Awards come together, he and the SZA can save that time for the most night of the movies.

Surprise: Drake on the Grammys

Not since Richard Nixon went to "Laugh-In" to say "You bet your bip?" The TV is coming out of the place. He went out of the year from being a week when he came up from some mysterious deep world to accept the rap song of the year. Even if his speech was being cut, the Grammar claimed that he was admissible because they thought he was taking a break, he could not awaken the spirit, but the conspiracy theories thought that "It was what they needed" as a shadow. It is understandable why someone is depressed to show and play Drake when a number shows Many of the nominations, here or by other awards, result in so many. But you know what it is? It's nice to look good at it.

Snub: The Grammy own TV

Grande The reasons why the show was known; Childish Gambino could not guess. Their reasons may just be exactly if we could not just behind the scenes to see. But in the case of Grande, her anxiety was in contrast and she was not able to reach Ken Ehrlich's terms of threatening what she should be celebrating a weekends. … and, of course, the award of his previous album that was set to find his way. This year's Grammys has included so many, special beins for rappers and hip-hop women in particular, on top of all the Latin music celebrations and a strong presence for gay performances, which puts point on any one producer missing in danger of asking the more point. Drake, at least, received the telegram about what would be a party this year.

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