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16 minutes explains the Trump presidency

Trump crisis management reveals the defining characteristics of these most distinctive political professions: Energy incompatible nature personality force, refusal to accept loss and institutional recurrence to seek new opening.

A full political arsenal was on display in Trumpian master-class op-op in the Oval Office Thursday with the Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.

Thus, the person who drew the tape of the tour could take 16 minutes and everything they needed to draw

Trump's Thursday behavior gave tips about how he will try to achieve political crosswords using These unique political tools have proved very successful with the transition from business to Washington.

Thursday came a rebuke from Congress among a devastating turn for any traditional politician, as legal and collegial probes show tough challenges before Robert Mue's special advocate. Unusually, it also included a number of Republicans who were unhappy to challenge their leader in the first two years of his presidency.

Trump refuses to show weakness or convenience in the loss of a foul, relentless temperament and indifference to shame helps explain why it is so difficult to bring down.

Displaying political skills that were sometimes disappointing but incredible, Trump was good, provocative and interesting. He was proud of his own success and stressed his sense of human nature and his understanding of the weakness and unease in a political opponent. his willingness to trade in truths, and he betrayed his events with his predecessor Barack Obama

At the White House meeting on Thursday, a reporter told Trump about it Entrant in the White House Democratic race ̵

1; former representative of Texas Beto O Rourke. It was ready.

"Well, I think he has a lot of manual movement. I have never seen so much manual movement. I said it is crazy or it is just as it works."

"Study it, I'm sure you agree with it," Trump said to reporters.

Not only was the job of O 'Rourke just a pollution. It was a return to forensic targeting made by politicians who helped Trump take the Republican primary park in 2016.

Mocking O 'Rourke seems to feel frivolous at a time of national politics and debate. heavy duty policy already under way. But Trump is an expert on the elimination and refusal of opposition, the gravity of their arguments and the feeding of the conservative medium machine.

His diagnosis of "low-energy" Jeb Bush established four years ago a story about a former Florida governor campaign which showed truth grain. The second quarter GOP could not be recovered.

Trump vs Brexit – and Obama

At one point in the meeting Tump said he was not "commenting Brexit could not," but he can not normally restrain himself, the topic to leave alone.

At the beginning of his meeting, Trump welcomed Varadkar, pointing out that his visitor was in a difficult position to withdraw British torture attempts from the European Union, which could harm for the peace and prosperity of Ireland

Trump, as he often does, uses his position to separate one of his businesses, in this case, a golf course in Ireland.

"I have a very good spot for Doonbeg, I'll tell you that and it is really a great place."

While praising Ireland, Trump quickly and very conspicuously changed because its own success, its management of the economy and how to "all of the records … every single record for stock stocks." ket.

Trump's obsession with Obama – a defined characteristic – seemed to be nervous twice as a photo photograph, and combined with an unfavorable willingness to refute.

First of all, he claimed that the a former President in 2016 that British voters would refuse to leave the European Union in a referendum predicting that they would vote to leave the Union.

Obama did not promise the result, but warned the Britons that They went "on the back of the queue" for trade dealings with the US if they left the EU the Obama administration "on trade." Indeed, the administration has previously attempted to complete a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – or TTIP – with Europe, although it was unable to conduct the discussion across the line. Trump's own talks on trade with Europe are uncertain, having threatened a trade war.

Trump vs his world counterparts

Trump's views about Brexit biased President he considers dictators to spend allied leaders under the bus

He criticized Prime Minister Theresa May, who defended Parliament to discourage its credibility.

"She didn't listen to that and that's right, I mean she said," Trump said, an unusual apology last year after her Brexit strategy of May was turned on the night before meeting in the UK.

He also reiterated that he predicted the outcome of the British Referendum when he entered his Turnberry golf course in 2016. In fact, Trump arrived on the west coast of Scotland one hour after the announcement of the referendum. .

Whether the President knows that he is lying, or that he is sure of truth his alternative reality is not clear. But its continued use is a key element of its political technique.

Trump Varadkar put on the spot – asking him to comment on Brexit, threatening to disclose their differences on the issue.

Then Trump interrupted Varadkar, who looked with a sharp eye as the President damaged the EU in addition to one of his national leaders.

"An unusual threat -" the European Union deals with us very unevenly, "said Trump, in screed that included another characteristic political device.

"If they do not speak to us, we are going to do something that will be very severe economically," Trump said. "We're going to make a tariff on their incoming products."

Most of the leaders go out of their way to avoid their counterparts and to avoid sensitive domestic politics.

Not Trump.

The exchange He also showed another of Trump's political tools: his resolute effort to appeal on his basis – in this case on the issue of signing, trade – into almost every political situation.

Trump vs.

Trump launched an extract from mini-campaigns, engaging the Senate voting in its emergency declaration, to express its hard policies on immigration and the wall – always with a view to its loyal voters.

an interview published by Breitbart News this week, Trump revealed another aspect of his character – a sense that he is being persecuted unevenly – which helps him identify with neglected voters of political elites

Complaints about democratic investigations, Default 1965 made comment that political violence could occur.

"I can tell you that I have the support of the police, the support of the army, the support of the Infantry for Trump – I have the tough people, but they don't play it tough – until they go to some extent, and then it would be very bad, very bad, "Trump said to the conservative website.

Trump tropical appeals cannot be said to be effective.

One Republican did, Sen. Thom Tillis, from North Carolina, voted on the 11th national emergency declaration, coming behind the President.

A GOP top official in North Carolina told Jim Acosta that Tillis was under intense pressure before a primary challenge could be next year

said the official, "that Tillis is hardly affecting the state. "

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