We've Selected Sunday. And with that, the NCAA's bubble team teams contest the pool of sweat before the selection show at 6 p.m. ET.

While conferencing competitions helped some peripheral teams to boost their prizes with quality wins, other teams were less fortunate than border credentials

Now they wait.

The selection committee will examine the entire work of each team from November to Sunday, and the distinction between large seed No. 1

1 in the NCAAs and NIT offer very close consolation.

Here's a look at the 10 teams who have the biggest concern on Selection Sunday (and where they come in USA TODAY Sports):

Saint. John's (i, seed No. 11): The Red Storm (21-12, 8-10 East East) finished the season on a terrible note, after losing five of his seven years, Great East includes 32 points loss contests for Marquette. Fortunately, the selection committee examines the overall work. And that is where St John's Hospital has two triumph over the same Marquette team as well as victory over Villanova among its five Quadrant 1 (top-30 town, top-50 neutral, top-75 road). The profile of this staff is due to a large number of non-conferencing schedules in the 200s and a score of 72 in the NET – the NCAA's new metrics which replaced the RPI this year. Shamorie Ponds (19.5 ppg) are an explosive scoring that could be an unexpected lead if the committee does not see the adverse impact.

Storm Red John John Sedee Keita (0) and Justin Simon (5) and guard Shamorie Ponds (2) continue and gives Marvin Clark II (13) a face on the bench after Marquette has blown him out in a competition East Coast. (Photo: Brad Penner, USA TODAY Sports)

TCU (i, seed No. 11): The Horned Froganna (20-13, 7-11 Great 12) were also struggling down, by they have lost seven of their last 10 years and finished as the third worst team in Big 12. But don't expect the committee to have an impact on the acceptance effect and not to go under the full range, especially when there is no bad loss, top-35 schedule strength and NET score in the lower 50s. It can be argued that a team that was playing in the country's best conference, the big 12, should be able to win more than three Quad 1 game.

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Temple (i, play seed No. 11) : The Owls (23- Wichita State entered 9, 13-5 American Athletics) in the AAC competition and as a result this resulted in a breach of the "last four" dangerous area in the bubble. Quad 1 in the Temple has only two victories and may have used one more to help offset non-conferencing schedules in the 200s. Luckily, one of these winners was against the Houston team who are in line with No. 3.

Ohio State (i, play in No. 11 seed): The Buckeyes (19-14, 8-12 Big Ten) met in a bubble team battle in the Big Ten competition before losing head close to Michigan State. Boundary credentials set aside, the committee should evaluate the non-conferred top-45 remuneration and consider that Ohio State's three consecutive losses to close the regular season were all of the first scorers. Wesson Kaleb.

State of Arizona (i, playing in No. 11 seed): A year ago, Bobby Hurley, coach of Sun Devils was jumping into his pool as a celebration of one of the last two teams that refused to field 68 If the committee includes the Arizona State again this year, it is likely that they will lead Dayton (again) to play in the First Four. This year, the team has a better power conferencing record (12-6 to be runner-up in the PAC-12 feeds). But the 12-pack was so devastating since the Pac-12. Many non-conferencing top-35 schedules cannot be ignored, and Q1 cannot win or win Kansas. However, the second 4 cannot be restarted by two re-dyed losses. It all depends on what the committee is looking for. Arizona State hopes that its NET score in the 60s compared to its more significant RPI in the 40s.

Belmont (i, play seed No. 11): B & # 39 The worst spot for any team is playing bubble, and that's precisely where Bruins was for a whole week from losing to Murray's State in As Compete t While other bubble teams climbed Belmont on the bubble line in that span, they were on Selection Sunday and Rick Byrd's team should have enough staff to convince the committee. It starts with a NET score in the 40s and there are also many excellent non-conferencing schedules. Only two Quad 2 Butlers are a problem, but it is a softer bubble with worse regimes this year.

Alabama (first team out): coach Crimson Tide, Avery Johnson, said that the NCAA team hopes in the team's competition after receiving fourth-quarter tournament losses for Kentucky, " This is what Alabama (18-15, 8-10 SEC) would have to do if the committee decided to grant him a non-conservative offer, but there are 15 more profiles. While the Tide lost seven of its last 10 years, the court's Quad 1 neutral victory on Miss Ole was in a CSS tourney for one of those winners. This January 5 win win over Kentucky, which explodes nicely with an overall 20-20 schedule largely filtered by the SEC this year, is now a better victory over a non-conforming victory over Murray's States.

UNC-Greensbor o (second team out): The Spartans (28-6, 15-3 South) must have wished that NCAA's new metric did not come together considering a RPI of 31 it offered a grand offer if it used this year. That's a very sensible sense of his pedestrian NET score in the high 50s. UNC-Greensboro has only two Winners of Quad 1 but all of these losses were C1 against opponents Q1 – doing for the marginal teams with Quad 2, Quad 3 or even Quad 4 losses at least they have stained their profile.

North Carolina State (out): On the flip side of the coin, the Wolfpack (22-11, 9-9 ACC) could be the metric NET main fans because it gives them a very high respectable ranking 35. That's compared to high RPI 90s. That's because almost all of N.C. wins. against low level opponents. The Wolfpack only launched three Quad 1 wins, although it was playing in the ACP and the country has the second worst scheduled schedule (352). Why is his NET score so strong? Because they put feeder margins on the foundation and create this team, it is one of the top 68 teams in the country. It is not, and this is where there is inevitably a deficit of the NET's aim to measure in-game capacity.

Indiana (the next four): Archie Miller, a Hoosiers coach, believes that his team has a good case for being included in the NCAA competition. He said: "I think one thing in this stage when you are comparing everyone – can you hit a team? When you can hit Marquette or Louisville, you are in Michigan State get double You are able to get Wisconsin here recently .. His points are valid, considering that no more than six Quad 1 winners at Indiana and the Big Ten are the second best conference in the NET. Any team can miss 13 out of 14 games to expect the committee to ignore the other credentials – an overall 17-15 schedule record and plenty of non-conferencing schedules in the 190s.Other win (as the One IU gave up for Ohio State in the Big Ten competition)

Honors Specifications – Georgetown, Xavier and Creighton Eastern Yellow: All of these teams are in the East M gold is a long shots, but thinking that they have a good chance yet they are worth mentioning here. The Hoyas (with Marquette and Villanova among five Quad winners 1), Musketeers (with plenty of best schedules and Q1 victory vs. Villanova) and Bluejays (with top-55 NET, excellent non-conferencing strength all have the a committee which the committee will consider very much and which may ultimately relate to it, but they also have qualifications that could be set aside – Georgetown's scheduled non-conference schedule 250 and the score is 80. t NET has, there are 15 losses at Xavier, and there are 14 losses at Creighton and only three Q1.

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